• Calendar – Saratogian

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    NATURE WALK: A new partnership between Saratoga PLAN and Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park continues with another nature walk on Tuesday, July 19 at the Bog Meadow Preserve. The same walk will be offered again on Saturday, July 23. The first walk on the 19th will be at 4:00pm and the additio

  • Why the Empire State Building Was Largely Vacant in its Early Years - Propmodo

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    Deep-dive insights and analysis of technology’s role in reshaping the commercial real estate industry

    The Push to Understand Building Energy Use

    The 8 Principles of Intelligent Space

    Exploring the Most Transformative Trends in Commercial Real Estate

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  • 20 photos of LA in the 1920s | Lifestyles | wcfcourier.com

    by admin on 2022-07-23 14:44:28

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    combed historical archives to assemble a collection of pictures that exemplify life in Los Angeles during the 1920s.

    The 1920s marked a huge period of growth for the city of Los Angeles. At the start of the decade, just over half a million pe

  • Group 28

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    The impressive home boasts five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a study and an enormous 30ft x 27ft living room – perfect for entertaining friends as well as a lavish kitchen-diner.

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  • Housing in Homer limited amid high demand

    by admin on 2022-07-23 02:08:53

    Summer tourists have been the primary drivers of Homer's local economy and lodging options for decades.

    According to city officials, many local homes are only available for short-term leases, which essentially makes it impossible for people looking for longer-term affordable housing to f

  • Triad City Beat | Gov. Cooper vetoed seven bills in 2022

    by admin on 2022-07-22 21:35:07

    Our governor used his veto stamp six times so far this session, and one bill made it through without his signature.

    1. HB605 – 2022 Primary Date : Pushed the date of the primary to June 7 instead of March 8 (primary was eventually held on May 17).

    Vetoed Jan. 28: “This bill is

  • Welcome to Bologna!|Beauty Packaging

    by admin on 2022-07-22 21:34:33

    After a two-year hiatus, Cosmoprof Bologna rolled out the red carpet and welcomed global beauty players back with fanfare.

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  • Photovoltaic panels: demand is exploding, supply lagging - RFJ your regional radio

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    Please insert the email address used for your registration:Your new password has been emailed to you.Jura companies active in the installation of solar panels are unanimous: their deadlines for honoring their contracts have continued to lengthen in recent months, due in particular to shortages of

  • Abandoned Places You Can Visit in Pennsylvania | Philly Bite Magazine

    by admin on 2022-07-21 19:21:13

    Abandoned Places You Can Visit in Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia, PA - If you're looking for a unique vacation, explore the many Abandoned Places You Can Visit within the state. Some of these historic sites include cascade Park, which was once a bustling amusement park in Newcastle, Pennsylva

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    Living with an animal companion typically means dealing with shedding, which also means addit