Woman rents her husband in the UK for just Rs 3365

2022-06-30 13:22:39 By : Mr. Andy WANG

In a shocking turn of events, a woman named Laura Young in the United Kingdom devised a novel way to supplement her income. She quickly realized how she could make the most of her husband's abilities. So, she created a website called "Rent My Handy Husband", where she could rent out her husband to other women. Then, after listening to a podcast about a man who made a living by putting together flat-pack furniture for others, Laura got this unique idea.

Laura's husband, James, is an expert at do-it-yourself projects, and their home is a prime example of his abilities. By building custom beds, James has transformed their Buckinghamshire home. He also built a dining table from the ground up. He is also skilled at painting, decorating, tiling, and carpet installation. "He's handy around the house and garden, so I figured why not put those skills to use and hire him out," Laura stated.

She said, "People are genuinely interested. But unfortunately, a few got the wrong idea and thought I was hiring James out for something else entirely! Even with the cost-of-living crisis, I'm not planning to do that. "

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