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2022-06-24 17:14:09 By : Mr. Kris Hu

The scale and size of this gabled dwelling may be rather micro, but the small price tag on this mobile home is still a bit of a (welcome) surprise. At just $22,000, the latest offering from San Diego, California-based manufacturer Monarch Tiny Homes—dubbed the Half/Half tiny home—has a plywood floor and recycled siding that each lend it a rugged, utilitarian air. Inside the steeply gabled, 170-square-foot structure, under which lies the sleeping loft, simple timber furnishings and fittings take the barebones aesthetic a step further (as does a self-contained composting toilet). It's not the most luxurious tiny home we've ever seen (or even the most luxurious one on wheels), but we dare say it's rather nice. A slightly larger, 20-foot-long version of the house can be purchased for $47,000, if you're feeling like an extravagant spendthrift (we kid, we kid) or simply need a tad more space.

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