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2022-06-30 07:43:26 By : Mr. Kevin Parts

We now know that shipping containers that are no longer used to transport goods from one end of the world to the other can be the source of magnificent homes.But, in recent years, a new trend has emerged, again thanks to these containers, which are in fact certainly recyclable, but not very easy to recycle.The new trend is to make pretty container pools out of them... The format of the containers, perfectly adapted in size and depth, makes it possible to quickly create above-ground or in-ground pools, minimizing the work and the carbon impact compared to a traditional swimming pool.In Haute-Garonne, a new company set up at the end of 2020, its name: Soniga.It is a priori the first in the region to manufacture container pools.Presentation.The idea for this company was born during the first lockdown.One of the founders, Sofien Sahli, planned to build his house in containers, but also his future swimming pool!He talks about his project to his brother, Ghazi Sahli, a craftsman specializing in the construction of terraces.The brothers then decide that the containers will be their future battle horse.They propose to Nicolas Decons, pool specialist recognized in the region and already working for many years with Ghazi, to join the adventure.Soniga, (probably the first two syllables of each first name, Sofien, Nicolas, Ghazi) was born from this idea and the three friends embarked on the adventure!The company is growing at high speed and the demand is strong: less than a year after the creation, they have opened an exhibition area of ​​200 m², near the workshop, which should extend to 400 m² in the near future.For them, it's the best way to convince future customers: to see a container pool "in real life" and not on plan!For Soniga, the container pool has several advantages:The swimming pool is delivered with all the filtration system incorporated in the container, you just have to connect it electrically once installed.The containers arrive from Castelnaudary, and the managers can therefore choose the most suitable to become swimming pools.Next, Soniga offers four different pool styles:All pools offered by Soniga are fully customizable;the site indicates a starting price of €17,990, which is still reasonable for a pool that can be considered top-of-the-range!For all information on Soniga container pools, you can contact them on their website or on their Facebook page.The company is located at the following address as well as the showroom to discover the container pools in situation: Lieu-dit Bisconte / RD 113 / 31290 Montgaillard-Lauragais.Your email address will not be published.Mandatory fields are marked with *Save my name, email and site in the browser for my next comment.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Learn more about how your comment data is used.