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2022-08-01 00:53:17 By : Mr. Dannis zhang

THE heartbroken partner of a woman bludgeoned to death then dragged in a wheelie bin has spoken of his torment as her killer was caged today.

Neculai Paizan, 64, hit Agnes Akom, 20, more than 20 times with an electric saw in his squalid shipping container home.

Chilling CCTV then showed the monster dragging Agnes in a wheelie bin to his car before he buried her body under a pile of logs in woodland in Neasden, North West London.

Agnes was discovered a month later covered in a black plastic bag with a cord around her throat.

Paizan has today been jailed for life with a minimum term of 22 years after being convicted of murder.

Sentencing, Judge Richard Marks QC said: "It is clear on your lengthy evidence that you remain in a complete state of denial as to what you did in that frenzy of violence that took away that young girl's life at the age of 20.

"These were shocking acts of wickedness on your part."

Her partner Peter Lenart said in an emotional victim impact statement Agnes had come to the UK from Hungary "in the hope of a new life".

He also told how she had been writing a letter for their young son, who was taken into foster care, when she was killed so it remains unfinished.

Peter added: "How am I supposed to finish that letter without her?"

The dad also paid tribute to Agnes and slammed her killer for his evil lies.

He said: "She was my love, the mother of my son, my partner, and my best friend."

The Old Bailey heard how on morning of May 9 last year, Agnes told her partner she was going to work and left her flat in Cricklewood, North West London.

She then messaged dad-of-four Paizan and a man she worked for, Attila Molna-Feri, a Hungarian coffin maker she had an "intimate relationship" with.

Agnes had ordered an Uber to take her to Attila's home but Paizan instead arrived at the Costa where she was waiting and she left in his silver Dacia Sandero.

CCTV captured the pair entering Paizan's grimy shipping container home - the last time Agnes was seen alive.

Bizarrely he lived in the filthy home despite owning a £700,000 property in Notting Hill.

The lorry driver was seen 30 minutes later washing at an outside tap before he carried Agnes' white fur coat, pink slip-on shoes, carpet and items matted with her blood and hair to his car.

After dragging her body in a wheelie bin to the motor, Paizan left Agnes' body in his car overnight before driving to the recreation ground the next day.

He visited the park five times over the days that followed as Agnes was reported missing by her partner.

Police found her decomposed body with her head in a plastic bag on June 14 last year.

They searched Paizan's rented shipping container where they discovered heavy blood stains.

The electric saw used to bludgeon Agnes to death was found in a skip with her hair stuck to it and Paizan was arrested.

He claimed to officers he was involved in a relationship with the young woman before later telling them she was "like a daughter".

The lorry driver also said Agnes had "poisoned" him with an iced coffee, which meant suffered a "sort of amnesia".

He said he washed his face and returned to find her "curled up in a ball, head down" so he went in to a "state of panic".

But jurors saw through his web of lies and Paizan was found guilty of murder after an hour of deliberations.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil John said: "The level of violence Paizan used in his attack on Agnes is truly horrific. What she suffered inside the container does not bear thinking about.

"Whilst it is not clear why he killed her that day, his attempts to hide his crime in the following hours and days show a calculated effort to ensure that, not only was Agnes never found, but that he would not be caught."

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