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2022-06-18 07:03:21 By : Mr. Kim Yang

DTSalazar Inc. (DTS) is an Owner’s Representation/Project Management firm that specializes in the realization of aspirational design and construction projects on behalf of a host of visionary and discerning clients.  Our focus is ultra high-end residential and large-scale planning, but also includes a wide range of project types and collaborations with some of the best and brightest in the industry.  We work on a variety of Real Estate ventures the phases of which range from acquisition, investments, strategic planning, financing, construction, maintenance, operations and dispositions.   The roles, responsibilities, and skill sets required to take on the challenges of Owner’s Representation the way we approach the vocation are deep and wide-ranging.  One must not only be an expert in the day to day technical aspects of the work, but one must also have mature business and interpersonal perception skills at their fingertips.  Top notch people skills, a keen eye that excels beyond what others typically see, and empathy for others is critical.  We aspire to never lose sight of the big picture, we are passionate about excellence, and we prioritize authenticity,  integrity and collaboration.

We are looking for an experienced Owner’s Representative with 10+ years of experience in Architecture, and/or Luxury Real Estate Development / Construction. This role will be entrusted to support both our internal team and our clients who are primarily entrepreneurial principals based in New York, Austin, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Europe with a potential expansion to other global locations. As an Owner’s Representative you will serve as a liaison between our clients and the rest of the project team – Architecture, Design, Construction, Estate Management and other functions within Single Family Offices. You will play a pivotal role in delivering project goals and milestones, the most critical of which includes ensuring our client’s vision is met. This means managing a successful project – from design planning to construction – in which all team members are empowered to excel.  One has a sophisticated grasp of how to balance the disparate forces of Quality, Schedules and Budgets towards tangible outcomes and is not intimidated by complex problem solving, nor uncertainty.

As a concierge-like point of contact for select clients and our teams, you will have to know the right kinds of questions to ask so as to be able to convert often stratified information into sound, actionable strategies. You will be required to organize, synthesize and hone in on the critical decision-making elements necessary to advance the project. The team will be looking for you to provide guidance and direction with respect to design, value engineering, scope definition, cost estimating audits, general contractor and subcontractor pre-qualification, schedules, and construction. Whether it’s conducting site visits or distilling due diligence assessments, managing the design and construction process, reviewing architectural plans and construction drawings, or working towards resolving design-related challenges – you will be expected to manage various aspects of a project simultaneously. 

The right candidate sees the entrepreneurial nature of building and managing teams (internal/external) as an exciting and dynamic challenge. They will bring energy, integrity, accuracy, and discipline to their role and enjoy both a fast-paced environment, as well as the peace and quiet of strategic planning while not in the field. The individual will work to maximize the time and experience of all involved parties which includes its clients, its partners, and collaborators. This spans from the early stages of planning, design and construction, through facility management of the property during occupancy.  By extension, this includes understanding and supporting the facility so that management and operations, security, special functions, hospitality and special initiatives can be successful. The role requires uncompromising discretion and professionalism and the availability to travel (likely several weeks a year) as needed to maintain best in class service. 

Maybe you’re an experienced Architect with an impeccable design point of view who is experienced at detailing and coaching teams to achieve a desired goal. Or perhaps you’ve worked in real estate development on luxury residential or hotel projects.  You may be a construction industry professional who is passionate about building with the highest quality materials for the highest quality end-product. Or maybe you’ve been working in the Owner’s rep. space and are passionate about diving deeper into a few long-term and bespoke projects.

Regardless of your background, you are a dynamic, experienced, detail-oriented, driven, unflappable individual with a passion for precision. You see this opportunity as a vocation that has no limits, and recognize that leadership, in all its varied forms, is a requirement for success.  

Key Skill & Qualifications: 

Please send applications to: hiring@dtsalazar.com

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