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2022-06-17 08:10:09 By : Mr. Bruce Li

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Here’s a look at modular home units being built at the Structural Modulars Inc. facility in Strattanville.

Here’s a look at modular home units being built at the Structural Modulars Inc. facility in Strattanville.

Modular housing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the construction industry.

Wanting to avoid untimely weather delays, quality control problems and fluctuating and unpredictable material costs and skilled labor shortages, more and more home-builders and developers are turning to factory-built construction to get a head start on their competition.

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NATIONAL MODULAR HOUSING COUNCIL, based in Arlington, Virgina, was created to provide modular manufacturers, suppliers, and builders a national voice to facilitate policies and programs beneficial to both the industry and consumers of modular homes.

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Aside from modern technology and contemporary floor plans, manufactured homes also use green building techniques. This means you can custom-build a manufactured home while also keeping it environmentally friendly.

In towns across the country, workers are struggling to make ends meet – and the high cost of housing is a big part of the problem. The U.S. is in the middle of a severe housing shortage, making it even harder for Americans to afford a home.

The Biden administration has introduced a sweeping proposal aimed at making homeownership and renting more affordable and attainable by addressing the national housing shortage over the next five years.

Modular housing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the construction industry.

Champion Homes exhibited two manufactured homes at this year’s Homes on the Hill Showcase by the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI).

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