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2022-06-26 11:45:07 By : Mr. Patrick Liu

How to find a big house to house a family without borrowing thousands of euros from the bank and going into debt for 25 or 30 years?This question, thousands of French people must ask themselves… Real estate prices are soaring, loans are increasingly difficult to obtain and rents for rental properties are not falling.In Mayenne, near Château-Gontier, properties are as rare and expensive as elsewhere, so Laura Brunet and Mathieu Guélou, a young couple who could not find a property that suited them, decided to embark on the construction site of life: a container house.They had to sweat blood and nails to achieve this, but the result is magnificent!Discovery.For their pretty home, the lovebirds have chosen to invest in six shipping containers, which now offer them 140 m² of living space.But the Local Urbanism Plan of their city imposed certain rules such as this wooden cladding with which they covered all the metal parts… A chalet outside, but containers inside!When they finally find their land in Château-Gontier, they do not hesitate for a second to invest in the 600 m² offered to them… But above all, they decide to build their dream house themselves!Obviously, the main advantage of containers is that they do not require major masonry work.The walls are delivered already assembled, but it was still necessary to involve professionals for the foundations and the earthworks.For the rest, it was the D system!Mathieu documented himself on the Internet, with books and took advice from people who had already taken the step of self-construction... Perhaps he came into contact with Capucine and Florent who built their container house in the Doubs ?The shipping containers chosen by the Mayenne couple are containers measuring 12 meters by 2.40 meters, weighing 3.7 tonnes each... They are said to be "last trip", i.e. they are used to send equipment or personal effects abroad, but no chemicals.Their structure is in perfect condition, but have some imperfections on the floor or some shocks on the walls.A few photos of the interior show a neat decoration that combines wood and modern materials, but few images;they may wish to retain some of their privacy!Today, they are therefore at the head of a house of 140 m² and a double garage;to continue in their ecological approach, they will soon install a Canadian well which is a very low energy geothermal exchanger used to cool or heat the ventilated air in a building in passive houses, and a wood stove.In total, the house cost them €215,000 with the purchase of the land, and about 10% of this sum was not budgeted… You can follow the work, the installation and their magnificent project on their Instagram account Maisoncontainer53.They moved in on July 8 and seem to be the happiest in the world!Your email address will not be published.Mandatory fields are marked with *Save my name, email and site in the browser for my next comment.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Learn more about how your comment data is used.