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2022-07-22 21:34:34 By : Ms. Donna Lee

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Kekelele has launched an anti-bacterial spray product, called The Nano Atomization Disinfection Gun. This sterilizer is ideal for spraying bedding, tableware, medical equipment, and other daily necessities. It uses nanotechnology to produce a fine mist of atomized water droplets that can quickly disinfect or sterilize any space. The typical drying time after using this revolutionary device is five minutes to twenty minutes—the fastest on the market! It is perfect for use in food service settings and healthcare facilities.

The Nano Atomization Disinfection Gun uses the latest technology to prevent infection. The lightweight and convenient shape of this product is ideal for small spaces and everyday use. It has many features, including being made of high-quality ABS, PET, and IC materials, and uses cutting-edge technology for better performance in killing viruses and bacteria.

The Nano Atomization Disinfection Gun features:

1) The Nano atomizer is designed with a patented aerosol atomizer. The main components are made of top-quality materials. The special filter system is made up of a special filter module that can filter 99.9% of dust particles smaller than 0.3 microns. The filtration system has been tested and was proven to be effective in filtering bacteria, germs, and viruses down to 0.3 microns or larger.

2) This sterilizer also has two sterilization systems: one that uses pure steam to kill bacteria and viruses in the air, and the other that uses physical impact (vibrations) to break the cell membrane of bacteria and viruses for a more effective killing effect; the dual sterilization systems have been tested and proven to be effective in killing bacteria.

The Kekelele nano atomization disinfection gun is designed for the medical, food, chemical industry, and other fields of sterilization. Kekelele spray sterilizer is available in two colors: white and black. The Kekelele nano atomization disinfection gun has six blue lights, a 300 ml container and built-in filter. The Kekelele spray sterilizer product will be delivered directly from its warehouse in mainland China.

Kekelele is a top-notch household and kitchen appliance online shop. They have a wide range of innovative and affordable household and kitchen items. In addition, the spray sterilizer is one of many cleaning products from Kekelele that shoppers can find at

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