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2022-06-15 19:06:59 By : Mr. Kris Zhao

We know that alternative habitats have been on the rise for a few years.Tiny houses, maritime or geodesic container houses become less expensive possibilities than traditional houses.In Golbey, a small town located in the Vosges, an entrepreneur embarks on the construction of small homes made from shipping containers... Richard Bourdenet, founder of La Fabric, offers original models, built quickly and totally modular.In a region deeply rooted in wooden constructions, this young company has everything to gain with maritime containers, even if the Vosges are a bit far from French ports… Discovery of La Fabric de Golbey (88).Richard Bourdenet's choice is not insignificant: he explains in an interview with the Épinal Infos site that the Vosges are used to wooden frames, which are a bit dated... In this department that produces Christmas trees, this material appears as obvious.However, the requests for extension are growing more and more… And the offer is limited to wood.The entrepreneur therefore wants to provide an alternative solution in this region.By betting on maritime containers, which allows the recycling of these metallic monsters, he hopes to conquer a new territory!It is also committed to the ecological side of constructions with shipping containers, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions (40% in traditional construction).Initially, the entrepreneur from Golbey wanted to convert shipping containers to open a restaurant in Epinal.Faced with the impossibility of completing his project, he decided to use them to make alternative habitats.By creating his business, he also allows local craftsmen to get their hands dirty.He actually makes it a point of honor that the craftsmen who work on the construction of the container houses are all local.The La Fabric containers are all delivered already insulated, so they can withstand the sometimes harsh weather conditions of the Vosges.In a region where temperatures can drop well below 0°, they also save heating costs.The company can deliver up to 100 kilometers around Epinal.To be able to put your suitcases in the containers of Richard, it is necessary to count between 1300 and 1780€ per square meter.This includes the container, the insulation, the layout, the delivery and the installation… Which comes down to a cost of around €210,000 for a surface area of ​​168 m².A construction cost much less expensive than a traditional house.In Epinal, the price per square meter is currently between €761 and €1,782 for an apartment (average price €1,311) and between €931 and €2,182 for a house (average price €1,604).This applies to buildings already completed and not to new buildings.So that future customers can see the result of a container house, the Fabric offers a visit to a set of offices, which serve as a show house.To carry out this project, it took 5 months and 5 containers, for an area of ​​75 m².Without a foundation, the construction of a container house is 60% faster than a traditional construction.For all information: lafabric-contenair.frGreat, I think this is the future….Please send me lots of documents on his houses and the exact total finished price.Hello I am interested thank you for informing me of various possibilities for approximately 150 m2.Hello Highly interested in these container houses are you going to Corrèze?Could you send me documentation on a container house of 150 M2Thank you for sending me the information for a project of 80m2.Hello, I would like to receive complete free documentation on contemporary houses.My husband has been doing it for more than 10 years in Reunion.We live in a house in a container structure.. It doesn't cost as much..Could you send me documentation for a project of 80 square meters.Thanks€210,000, for a 168 m©, without the land?it's expensive, so stay in the traditional.Hello, for a container house with 2 bedrooms + garage of 80 m², I wanted to know if you have plans and if it is possible to build in the Var pleaseHello, I have a project for a 40 square meter container house in Loiret.I would like to have more information about your concept.Thank you Best regardsIn response to certain questions: delivery 100 km from Epinal (it is written) //// For all additional information, always via the website;small businesses that work well don't spend their time on social networks /// CdltYour email address will not be published.Mandatory fields are marked with *Save my name, email and site in the browser for my next comment.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Learn more about how your comment data is used.