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Steam has a lot of video game titles to offer for those who want to access the library. From horror to RPG titles, the platform houses thousands of PC games on the store.

Although Valve rolls out various games for the fans, some of them are still not available on the game client for some reason. That's why some people want to access these titles on Steam.

To install the non-Steam games on the platform, here's how to do it.

Installing a game that does not come from Steam is easy, but there are some reminders that you need to bear in mind. First, you should make sure that there's enough space for games in your internal storage.

The game won't eat the space from your microSD card so it's important to check your SSD before the installation process. There are many options to choose from for this, including the 64GB, 256GB, or the 512GB models.

To install non-Steam games, access the quick menu by tapping the left-side button on Steam. Browse over the list and choose "Power." From there, you can now continue by switching to a desktop.

There's another trick if you want to save some time opening the power menu. You can hold down the button for a change. Once you're done, a notification that reads "Switching to Desktop" will pop out.

After that, you can boot this game just like other regular PC games you can open on different clients.

You should also remember to locate and tap the Discover app. You can see it on the taskbar, which has a blue shopping bag symbol. Alternatively, you can also open it on the systems tab.

Now that you have tapped Discover, go to the left-side menu and tap Applications. You can now search for Games by category. Hover over the list and install your desired game.

In case your favorite game is not included on the list, you can proceed with downloading the Linux Flatpak archive. After that, you can now install a particular title using the desktop mode.

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Adding non-steam titles to the Steam Deck library is simple by taking note of these steps:

Open the Steam app via desktop mode.

Then, go to the Games Tab and start selecting "Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library."

Once you're done, "Add a Game" will come out. Click the list and search for the game you want to add to the library of your Steam deck.

Make sure to tap check on the box on the left of the game that you will add. Then, click "Add Selected Programs."

Close the game client and relaunch it via Return to Gaming Mode shortcut.

Since this is the very first Steam gaming console to be released, the answer is yes. There are rumors which suggest that version 2.0 of the Steam Deck is coming. Since it's just hearsay, there's no assurance that it will arrive sooner.

The best thing that you can do right now is to enjoy the console's features. Waiting for the Steam Deck 2 can be a painful moment since it might take some years.

In the meantime, you can check the Steam Summer Sale 2022 and what things you can expect from this annual game deal.

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