40 Ways To Make Your Home Look & Feel So Much More Luxurious For Under $35

2022-10-28 21:56:23 By : Ms. Smiles Lynn

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In my humble opinion, one of the simple joys of being an adult is treating yourself to a little something that makes your living space feel more luxurious. And luckily, since all of these home products are under $35 on Amazon, you don’t have to spend a lot to elevate the look of your place. Aesthetic Look Linen Curtain

Whether it’s a set of smart light bulbs you can control with your voice or a minimalist essential oil diffuser that fills your room with a relaxing scent, these mini investments make being at home even better. Something as simple as freshening up your old throw pillows with these knit covers or adding a faux fur area rug can give your place a more sophisticated vibe. While these home upgrades might look expensive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that they come at wallet-friendly prices.

With a breathable cotton outer layer and soft down alternative filling, this mattress pad gives your bed a cushy, luxurious feel. The pad is designed with a deep pocket that stretches around mattresses up to 21 inches thick. “It is silky and slippery and soft and feels great against your body when you’re sleeping,” one reviewer wrote. There are several sizes available, as well as four neutral color options.

Since this bamboo bath mat is water-resistant, you can place it indoors next to your tub or outdoors by your pool. Sleek and refined, the mat will give your home a spa-like feel. The wooden slats are elevated for quicker drying, while a set of anti-slip rubber gaskets keep the mat securely in place.

A simple way to give your home a more sophisticated look? Wrap your cardboard Kleenex box in this faux leather cover. Available in several subtle shades such as camel brown and mint green, the cover is compatible with 5-inch-square tissue boxes — simply swap out for a fresh box whenever you run out of tissues.

Place these motion-sensor lights on your staircase, underneath your kitchen cabinet, or anywhere else you need some extra visibility. The battery-powered lights are easy to install with screws or adhesive tape on any flat surface in your home. They only turn on when they sense movement up to 10 feet away, and automatically shut off to conserve battery life.

Manual wine bottle openers can take so much effort — make it easy on yourself with this sleek electric model. Simply press a button on the front of the opener to send the corkscrew down into the bottle, then press the second button to pull the cork up through the top. You can open up to 30 wine bottles before you need to charge the unit.

Rather than keeping all your kitchen essentials in a cluttered cabinet, you can display them proudly with this wall-mounted iron rack. The simple, sleek design features 15 hooks that can hold up to 22 pounds of pans, pots, ladles, whisks, and more. Each hook is removable, so you can decide how many items you’d like to hang at once.

Designed with a brushed metal finish, this rainfall showerhead adds a modern look to your bathroom. But beyond its good looks, the head also increases your water pressure by distributing the stream among 90 rubber nozzles. Not to mention, the showerhead also saves more water than a traditional model — so you can enjoy longer, hotter showers in good conscience.

Perfect for serving charcuterie or slicing up a quick snack, this acacia wood tray is both beautiful and functional. With a natural wood grain look, the tray is designed with a handle on one end — so you can carry it from room to room with ease. “Its so pretty, I don't put it away. It looks nice leaning against the wall on the countertop and easily accessible,” one reviewer wrote.

Piled high with fluffy faux fur, this area rug adds luxurious texture to your living room or bedroom. Available in neutral grays as well as unconventional pink and purple, it provides a cozy place to rest your feet while lounging on the couch. A faux suede bottom keeps the rug from sliding around your floor.

Adding a bidet to your bathroom doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. This bidet attachment comes at a wallet-friendly price and can be installed on your toilet in minutes. Using the dials on the side panel, you can easily adjust the water pressure and angle of the stream.

Create some romantic mood lighting in your home with these classic pillar candles. Made with cotton wicks, the candles burn cleanly without any smoke. Each scentless candle measures 6 inches tall, with an estimated burn time of up to 70 hours. Place them together on your mantel, your dining room table, or bedroom dresser.

Complete with stainless steel spouts, these tall glass bottles make pouring olive oil and vinegar quick and easy. When it’s time to refill the bottles, a detachable funnel prevents any liquid from spilling along the sides. Keep them on hand in your kitchen while cooking, or place them on the dining room table when serving a salad.

Add a high-tech touch to your home with these smart light bulbs that pair up with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Using a simple voice command, you can adjust the lights’ brightness and color, as well as set schedules and timers. You can also toggle the bulbs’ settings via your smartphone using the Kasa app.

Made fro durable plastic with airtight lids, these food storage containers can hold flour, coffee beans, rice, cereal, and more. The transparent design allows you to see how much food you have left, while the included labels and marker make it easy to identify the contents of each bin. With a clean, contemporary look, you can either leave them out on your counter or store them in your pantry.

Enhance your at-home entertainment setup with this backlight strip that adheres to the back of your monitor. With multiple sizes to fit any television screen, the LED light strip comes in both white and colored options. Not only do the lights reduce eye strain, but they enhance the hues coming from your screen — creating the optimal TV-viewing experience.

Equipped with six soothing soundscapes including rain, ocean waves, and thunder, this white noise machine creates a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. The minimalist unit includes a timer function and volume buttons, so you can adjust the sounds to your liking. Measuring just 4 inches by 4.4 inches, the compact machine can even be packed away for travel.

This remote-controlled picture light hangs above your portraits, photographs, and art prints, illuminating them as if they were in a gallery. The wall-mounted fixture is fully adjustable — the flexible arm can be rotated either way, and the bulbs themselves are dimmable. Plus, since it’s battery-operated, you don’t have to worry about wiring or a cord. Choose from sophisticated gold, black, and silver finishes.

Boasting an average rating of 4.8 out of five stars on Amazon, this ceramic sponge holder complements a wide variety of decor styles. With a unique embossed design, the holder has a slot that’s just big enough for a kitchen sponge. Besides tidying up your sink area, it also keeps your sponge elevated and clean in between uses.

Fitting over the throw pillows you already own, these cable-knit pillow covers are a budget-friendly way to upgrade the look of your sofa or bed. They come in several rich shades, including bold red and deep emerald green, so you can add a pop of color to your room. Or, for something more soothing, you can opt for neutral gray, brown, or white.

What’s great about this comforter is that it has a reversible design — allowing you to choose from two different shades as the seasons change. The fluffy comforter is filled with down alternative, giving it a plush feel that’s cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. “I feel like like I'm at a hotel in my own bed with this lightweight, beautiful comforter!” raved one reviewer.

Made from sleek yet sturdy wood, these clothing hangers make your closet look like a luxury boutique. They have built-in notches that hold onto your delicate spaghetti strap dresses and tank tops, as well as nonslip rubber grips to keep garments from falling to the floor. These durable hangers are also suitable for heavier items, such as suits and coats.

You can fill this versatile glass dispenser bottle with just about anything — hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent — and the list goes on. With a pretty diamond-cut surface and a rustproof stainless steel pump, the dispenser gives any room an instantly upgraded look. Pick up a couple for your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.

Complete with a shaker, muddler, strainer, and everything else you need to whip up a craft cocktail, this bartender kit will have you feeling like a pro in no time. Each stainless steel piece can be stored inside the included bamboo stand, which looks great on your countertop. Simply flip through the included cocktail recipe cards to get inspired.

This essential oil diffuser has a natural wood texture and a minimalist oval design, blending in easily with any room decor you already have. Equipped with a whisper-quiet motor, the diffuser gently releases evaporated essential oils into the air. Your space will feel like a relaxing spa in no time.

Perfect for creating an accent wall or bringing some new life to your side table, this peel-and-stick wallpaper makes DIY home projects a breeze. With an overlapping arc pattern, the wallpaper adheres to painted walls, tile, wood, and more. Even better, you can easily remove it when it’s time to switch up the look of your living space again.

Love the fruit-infused water they serve at hotels and spas? With this glass water pitcher, you can make your own batch at home. The removable infuser holds berries, chopped fruit, tea leaves — anything you want to flavor your water with. A spout on the side of the pitcher helps you pour the perfect glass without any spills.

Designed with a rustproof chrome finish, this faucet aerator doesn’t just look sleek — it also serves a variety of purposes. It allows you to swivel your stream of water in any direction, while also giving you the option of a strong spray or soft bubble stream. The aerator can reduce your water consumption anywhere from 30% to 70%, which also results in a lower utility bill.

Ideal for entertaining, this cheese board is made from sleek bamboo wood. It has deep grooves around the edges for holding crackers, while a hidden drawer holds a set of four serving utensils. With a 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon, this board gets high marks for its durable surface that’s resistant to scratches, odors, and stains.

With this set of 10 LED light bulbs, you can transform any mirror into an old Hollywood-style vanity. The USB-powered string of lights adheres to the edges of your mirror with double-sided tape — simply rotate the bulbs to adjust the length of the wire. A dimmer switch at the end of the wire allows you to adjust the brightness and warmth of the lights.

Make your bath time even more relaxing by adding this waterproof pillow to your tub. Designed with seven powerful suction cups and two panels for neck and head support, the pillow stays securely in place for the entire duration of your soak. “It instantly made my tub look more luxurious,” one reviewer wrote.

Although this bedside lamp may look pretty simple, it actually has a touch-sensor base that allows you to change the brightness level with a simple tap. Not to mention, there’s a built-in USB charging port, so you can power up your device while you read or watch TV. There are several lamp shade colors available, including natural tan, gray, and denim blue.

Treat a loved one (or yourself) to a luxurious breakfast in bed using this wooden tray table. Made from natural bamboo, the lightweight table features handles on either side for easy portability. The edges are raised to keep your plates and mugs in place, and the legs are designed to fold upward for compact storage.

With three chambers for shampoo, soap, and conditioner, this shower dispenser is a great idea for two different reasons. One, it eliminates any clutter in your shower by replacing your shampoo bottles, and two, the pumps dispense the perfect amount of liquid every single time. Simply mount the unit to your shower wall or corner using the included silicone adhesive.

This fabric shower curtain can give your bathroom a more upscale look, reminiscent of a nice hotel. It’s made with a high-density weave that has a similar feel to linen, with a water-resistant finish. A weighted bottom hem keeps the curtain from flying up during your shower. Choose from eight lovely shades, including sage green and blush pink.

Rotating a full 360 degrees, this utensil holder makes it easy to grab your spatulas spoons, whisks, and more. It’s made from stainless steel, with a removable divider that creates three separate compartments. “It is sleek and modern which looks fabulous in my mid-century modern home,” one reviewer wrote.

Made of ultra-soft, lightweight chenille, this throw blanket adds a cozy touch to any couch or bed. The ends of the blanket are trimmed with long fringe, creating a rustic look. There are dozens of warm and cool shades available — everything from mustard yellow to moss green to golden brown.

Hanging a mirror on your wall — such as this round one with a gold frame — is a simple way to make your space feel brighter and even bigger. Measuring 12 inches across, the mirror is suspended from a gold-tone chain that can be hung on a nail or wall hook. “Very elegant and beautiful! Highly recommend,” raved one customer.

Simple and elegant, this metal toilet paper holder instantly elevates your bathroom. With room for three rolls of paper, you’ll never have to worry about being left empty-handed. The free-standing fixture is compact enough to sit beside your toilet. Choose from multiple metallic finishes, including brass, chrome, and bronze.

Harnessing the sun’s rays during the day and running on solar power at night, these ground lights automatically illuminate your outdoor path or garden in the dark. Waterproof and weather-resistant, the lights work rain or shine. Each one is attached to a stake that makes it easy to stick it in the ground.

Exquisite Curtain Perfect for succulents, mini cacti, and other small indoor plants, these hanging planter vases feature a minimalist, geometric design. The metal frame holds a triangular ceramic vase — simply add your plant along with any growing medium it needs to thrive. There are two vases in a set, and you can choose from metallic finishes such as gold, copper, and brass.