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2022-10-21 16:55:05 By : Mr. Alex Chen

Vaping is becoming a popular activity for many people for many reasons. Some people consider vaping simply to be a fun activity, some consider it a more advanced way of smoking and others do it as one of the options for weaning themselves off smoking. While smoking traditional cigarettes is considered hazardous because of the burning of tobacco and the harmful chemicals it produces, vaping on the other hand does not involve combustion which is the main reason for the dangerous chemicals. 

Unlike cigarettes or cigars, vaping devices come in numerous forms and sizes. You can choose to buy a disposable e-cigar, a rechargeable refillable e-cigar, e-vape cigars, vape pens, vape mods and so on. The manner in which all these devices function is also different with some more advanced models allowing you to regulate the power output.  Vapes

Understanding the Cigar Vape Mod - UrbanMatter

Vaping devices have also been designed to be elegant and the fact that users have a wide variety of e-liquid flavours to choose from makes them even more appealing to many. In this post, we focus on the cigar vape mod, looking at what it is and its benefits. Let’s begin. 

What is a cigar vape mod?

Simply put, a cigar vape mod is a vape that looks like a cigar but differs in terms of functionality and overall experience. With a cigar vape mod, you inhale vapour as opposed to smoke when you use traditional cigarettes. You also have the luxury of choosing different e-liquid flavours, especially when using the refillable e-cigar, until such time you find the flavour that you like most. 

For beginner vapers, you can start with simpler devices like the cigar e-cig vape mods before moving to more advanced and powerful vape mods. If you would like to try a cigar vape mod, the ePuffer cigar vape mod will be one of the best to get you started. 

Benefits of a cigar vape mod

Vape mods cannot be compared to ordinary e-cigs because of the various modifications that make them more powerful. Some of the benefits you can enjoy when using cigar vape mods include:

If you have been using disposable e-cigars, you very well know that the device is thrown away when the battery or e-liquid runs out. For those who use normal e-cigars, you will already understand the trouble of having to charge your device now and again because of a small battery capacity. 

With cigar vape mods, this is a thing of the past. They have been designed to have a battery capacity that allows you to have an uninterrupted vaping experience. While ordinary e-cigs have a higher battery capacity (that ranges between 300mAh to 900 mAh), vape mods can have a battery capacity of up to 5000 mAh. 

The beauty of using vape mods is that you get to regulate the power output of your device. If you want a strong hit, you can adjust the knob so that your devices produce more power and if you want hits that are not so strong, you can always reduce the power output.

Allows you to try different flavours

Unlike disposable e-cigs, vape mods are refillable devices. This means that once the e-liquid runs out, you can always fill the tank with a different e-liquid. Considering there are lots of flavours for vape juices out there, you can try some of them and find out one that you like best 

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Understanding the Cigar Vape Mod - UrbanMatter

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