Tesla Cyberquad for Kids gets recalled after a 36-year-old got a bruise

2022-10-30 00:49:35 By : Ms. Angela He

Tesla Cyberquad for Kids, a small toy ATV, is getting recalled after a 36-year-old, who probably had no business riding the toy, got a bruise.

In lieu of the actual Cyberquad, which is expected to be a full-scale electric ATV that is going to be an option with the Cybertruck, Tesla launched the Cyberquad for Kids in partnership with Radio Flyer last year. Kids Electric Quad Bike

Tesla Cyberquad for Kids gets recalled after a 36-year-old got a bruise

It is equipped with a small 500-watt electric motor and 288 Wh battery pack capable of a top speed of 16 km/h (10 mph) and a few miles of range.

It’s basically a small working replica of the Cyberquad as a toy vehicle. You often see similar toys in the shape of a small Jeep:

The toy proved popular, and Tesla quickly sold out of the 5,000 units, which were sold for $1,900 each.

Today, Radio Flyer announced that it is recalling the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids at the request of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The company sent the notice to customers today:

The reasoning appears to be based on the commission’s decision to consider the vehicle to be a “youth ATV” rather than a toy. The recall notice states that Tesla Cyberquad for Kids doesn’t comply with the safety standard requirements for this category:

The Cyberquad fails to comply with the federal mandatory safety standard requirements for youth ATVs, including mechanical suspension and maximum tire pressure. Additionally, the Cyberquad lacks a CPSC-approved ATV action plan, which is required to manufacture, import, sell, or distribute ATVs. ATV action plans contain numerous safety requirements, such as rider training, dissemination of safety information, age recommendations, and other safety measures. These ATV safety standards are in place to reduce crash and injury hazards, preventing serious injury or death.

That’s the “hazard” that led to the recall, according to the commission, but the commission also noted there was an accident that apparently prompted the process. It’s surprising that the accident was considered relevant, based on the incident report that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission included in the recall:

Radio Flyer has received one report of an incident where the single-rider Cyberquad tipped over when driven by an eight-year-old child and a 36-year-old adult female, resulting in a bruised left shoulder to the adult female.

The commission apparently thought it was relevant to the recall that a 36-year-old adult who decided to ride the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids, a single-rider vehicle meant for kids, got a bruise when riding the ATV with an eight-year-old.

As a result of the recall, owners who send back the drivetrain will get fully refunded. The drivetrain is easier to ship out than the full vehicle and removing it disables the Cyberquad – because it is such a hazard …

See our review of the Cyberquad for Kids below.

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Tesla Cyberquad for Kids gets recalled after a 36-year-old got a bruise

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