Process and Control Today | Contrinex’s Precision Analogue Inductive Sensors Call ‘Time’ on Timing Belt Errors

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Process and Control Today | Contrinex’s Precision Analogue Inductive Sensors Call ‘Time’ on Timing Belt Errors

The precision and repeatability of Contrinex’s analogue inductive sensors are trusted by a manufacturer of industrial timing belts to measure the position of steel reinforcing bands embedded within the belts.

Two of these long-range, high-resolution sensors are mounted above either end of the extruded belt profile to provide real-time positional data of the metal reinforcing bands. A process-control system monitors the sensor’s analogue voltage outputs, alerting the operator and halting the production if the values move outside the allowable limits.

Steel reinforcing wires are commonly bonded into the carcass of industrial belts to reinforce them and extend the belt's life. The distance between the reinforcing wires and their position within the belt is important, especially so for timing belts where the wire must not interfere with the teeth profile that is extruded into the belt.

Offline destructive testing of the belt can check the product’s quality by inspecting and measuring samples of the belt, but this process only detects faults sometime after they have been produced, potentially leading to costly rejects. The customer wanted a real-time checking system with sensors that would reliably and accurately measure the position of the steel reinforcement, within the belt.

The desire for a sensor with a sensing distance of up to 10 mm with micron (µm) measurement accuracy, made Contrinex’s M18-size analogue inductive ideal, but an additional benefit was the option of a short-body length version, which is only 48mm long including the socket, or only 36mm with a cable.

Contrinex’s patented Condist® technology provides highly stable sensing performance with exceptional detection accuracy, excellent repeatability, and resolution in the micron range.

The sensors sample at 250Hz, to enable accurate measurement of the steel reinforcement wires in the fast-moving belt profile. They provide continuous, non-linearised 0 to 10V analogue output signals and are resistant to vibration and variations in ambient temperature, allowing their positioning close to the moving belt, immediately after the extrusion press.

Two sensors set flush into a non-metallic plate, are mounted directly above the surface of the belt as it runs over a guide roller, giving a stable reference position. The lightly tensioned belt clears the sensing face of the devices by a few tenths of a millimetre. Connection to the customer’s control system is via a flexible cable with an easily detachable M12 connector.

The Contrinex analogue inductive sensors provide high-accuracy, ultra-reliable measurement, which removes the need to destructively test belts to inspect the position of the steel reinforcement. The risk of reject costs because of the infrequent nature of the off-line sampling is also removed.

PLUS Automation Ltd is the importer of Contrinex sensors into the UK and Ireland, and can help #MakeSenseofSensors to improve automation and machine performance using Inductive, Machine Safety, Photoelectric, Pressure, Process, RFID and Ultrasonic sensors from Contrinex, ReeR & Satron.

Click to download a flyer to find out more about the sensors, or Click to download Contrinex’s Product Overview brochure

For more information, please contact: PLUS Automation Ltd (Contrinex & Satron) Lyth Farm Ombersley Worcester Worcestershire WR9 0LG Tel: +44 (0)121 5822258 Email: Web:

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Process and Control Today | Contrinex’s Precision Analogue Inductive Sensors Call ‘Time’ on Timing Belt Errors

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