Northern Illinois man says he buried mom, sister in backyard

2022-06-15 19:07:30 By : Ms. Anna Wu

LYONS — Police discovered two containers Saturday in a backyard in suburban Chicago, a few days after a man told investigators that the bodies of his mother and sister were buried there years ago, an official said.

“They did find one container and they believe a corpse is inside, and they are digging up the second container,” said Ray Hanania, spokesman for the village of Lyons. “Almost done.”

The next step would be to identify the remains, he said.

The investigation began after officers were called to conduct a wellness check Thursday at the home in Lyons, 12 miles southwest of Chicago. Officers found the home filled with debris and feces and no running water. Two brothers were living there.

The police chief said one brother disclosed that their mother, who was in her 70s, had died in 2015 after their sister pushed her down stairs. The man said the sister died in 2019 after an illness.

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Chief Thomas Herion quoted a brother as saying the bodies were buried in the yard for financial reasons. The state has no record of the women’s deaths. Herion said that if remains were found, investigators would try to determine whether the deaths were from natural causes or from foul play. It is a felony in Illinois to conceal any death.

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The brothers were staying at a hotel while police worked at the property.

“They don’t seem to like it, but it’s at least a safe place for them and we have social services for them,” Hanania said.