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2022-07-02 07:08:25 By : Mr. Sunzoom Xu

Listen to some of our favourite new songs by Irish artists below!

Malahide singer-songwriting superstar Dermot Kennedy has announced SONDER, his long-awaited sophomore album - landing September 23rd via Island Records / Interscope. The news arrives alongside the brand new track and accompanying video for 'Dreamer'; a softer, piano-lead cut from the upcoming record that’s set to be a live favourite. The track's tenderness and singalong potential is guaranteed to have fans enthralled from start to finish.

The Coronas, 'Don't You Say You're In Love'

Getting its first play in Whelan's on Tuesday, the new song from the long-standing Dublin band zones in on the cracks of a relationship, when honesty starts to crumble and love starts to fade. The 3ú Records rockers sound better than ever on the slickly-produced, radio-friendly anthem. Danny O'Reilly's vocals in particular could stand out in any crowd. What a crescendo of a chorus, too - full of driving guitar lines and sparkling synths.

The Louth man ups the ante with a new uptempo, four-on-the-floor rocker. It's got twinges of '60s and '70s sonic influences with a contemporary flair. Showing off his vocal range, he delivers passion and energy every time. Keenan returned to the studio with Gavin Glass, who produced the musician/poet's widely acclaimed debut album, A Beginner's Guide To Bravery. Having just finished up a tour of Scandinavia and support slots for David Gray, catch him at the Galway International Arts Festival on July 13th and supporting Counting Crows around Europe in the autumn.

"'Semidelinquent' is a soulful rock n roll eulogy to dysfunctional love, sang and spewed amidst a new big band sound. It’s brash, poetic and proud,” Keenan declares.

Wild Love, 'Monday Morning Quarterback'

Following 2021 album They Call Me Kid and previous single 'I Hate That I Need You' (which saw the video premiered by Hot Press), fast rising rock-pop trio Wild Love are back with a bang. Pulsating synths and building drum beats are given texture with raucous guitar melodies for an infectiously catchy offering. If you loved the Blink 182 anthems of the '00s but have an inkling for pop soundscapes, you'll adore 'Monday Morning Quarterback'. The rising group is made up of Irish frontman Brandon Gorman, New York guitarist Michael Crecca and bassist Saygīn Geçener from Turkey.

The Belfast DJ pairing are earning rave reviews for their festival sets in recent weeks, and have just dropped a brand new single to quench their fans' electronic thirst. Their 2021 release Isles also featured 'Meli' plus ‘Siena' (Feat. Clara La San) and ‘Light’. The duo just closed Glastonbury on the West Holts stage.

“‘Meli (I)’ was a beatless track on Isles Deluxe,” Bicep explain. “Truth be told we just couldn't get a drum version right in the studio throughout the pandemic, there were many failed demo versions whilst we were working on Isles, it just never felt like it worked. We always knew there was room for this version though, hence naming the original ‘Meli (I)’. The track was formed slowly on the road. Each week we changed the drums a bit, the structure and generally allowed the crowd to inform the process. It was great to grow the track in this way, it felt like a very organic way of working.”

Emma Edel, 'I Reckon Something'

The Kerry native is dropping even more dark-pop bangers, and we're delighted. Edel's new single ‘I Reckon Something’ explores the longing for a better situation while facing the harsh realities of overthinking and self-doubt. Tracing the ups and downs of your 20s, the commentary is effortlessly relatable with a snarling guitar riff adding a rock element to the release.

"The idea of this song comes from the experiences I had while living in Dublin away from home," Emma says. "I had just come out of college, I was trying to work, pay rent and pursue music and I just felt I was in a cycle of getting nowhere with anything. In Kerry we have a saying “I Reckon” which means to “think/imagine/guess” which gave me the idea of wishing/imagining a better situation than the one you are in - becoming the track’s title."

A92 x Offica x Dbo x A9 BT x A9Kebz, 'Skrr Pow'

Representing for the A92 crew on their newest release as Longitude festival kicks off are Kebz, BT, Offica and Dbo. The quartet take it in turns to rip up the booming drill beat with jumpy bars and flows. The Aaron-directed video sees the A92 lads from Drogheda playing pool, FIFA and bowling. Make sure to catch Offica's set on Sunday, it's set to be incredible if his 3Olympia Theatre show recently was anything to go by.

Irish country-pop superstar CMAT has released a deluxe version of her No.1 debut album If My Wife New I'd Be Dead, featuring reworked versions of 'Communion', 'Geography Teacher', 'No More Virgos', and an acoustic version of the fan favourite 'I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby!'. The Meath native spoke about one track in particular, saying: "this version of Communion is very important to me, as i feel like that song has been maybe the least successful/beloved on the album and i really wanted to give it a second chance.

"When i wrote it, i was listening to copious, dangerous amounts of Lucinda Williams, and thats what the original demo of the song sounded like. I really wanted to get back to that reference of 90’s Americana to see if the song works better once u pull all of the crap out of it, and i kind of think it does! a big ‘Oops’ is in order on that one i suppose?"

Robert Grace, 'Fckd In The Head'

Following his XXVII EP earlier this year, the Kilkenny singer-songwriter and TikTok maestro has shared a powerful, dark-pop tune. Tackling demons and mental health, the pop melodies are textbook Robert Grace. While the title of the track becomes slightly repetitive, the rock aspects and heavy drum beats boost the single's frenetic appeal. It's pretty hard not to sing along to it, if you ask us.

Alex Gough, 'GIVE IT A GO'

After a slew of 2022 singles like 'BUSY!', 'DUMB!', 'GLOW', Waterford hip-hop/jazz prodigy Alex Gough drops another banger from an upcoming EP. With booming trumpets and epic drum beats building up to a f**king glorious chorus. The musician's slick flow and clapback-heavy, clever wordplay takes it to another level, too. We've got a great feeling about his new EP, giving the sonic influences of New York hip-hop, Atlanta trap, drill, grime, pop, house and techno as well as jazz, drum 'n' bass and experimental styles of instrumental music. The drummer/producer/rapper gives us something exciting every time while maintaining a totally unique sound.

Corner Boy, ‘Kingdom Come and Go’

A knock-out punch of energetic feel-good indie/folk, ‘Kingdom Come and Go’ is the second single from Corner Boy’s debut album - due for release this October. Featuring exploding brass sections, racing fiddle crescendo and an anthemic singalong chorus, the song explores the conversation of connection; highs, lows, certainties and uncertainty through heartfelt melody and poignant lyrics. The new track was produced by Gavin Glass (David Keenan, Lisa Hannigan) with combinations of folk rock, traditional and indie alternative.

Marking a pretty impressive debut single, 'Black Hole' is straight out of Holly Humberstone's guidebook. "I don't wanna sing another sad song / I'm so sick of listening to me / But when you said 'forget it' I fell in a black hole / and I haven't been the same since," her gorgeous, soft vocals begin the song. A gentle guitar melody backs Siobhán up, but her voice does all the hard work alongside stunningly confessional lyrics. It's heartbreaking, Olivia Rodrigo-style.

The Lurgan MC and producer first started dropping music back in 2018, with influences ranging from grime, hip-hop and jazz. 'Joust' is a hard-hitting single that deserves decent airplay, showing off his easygoing flow and passion for the craft of rap. The throwback-sounding track follows his 2021 EP Only Fools Die, and has a brilliant bassline beat for lovers of US hip-hop from the '90s that started it all off. It's proud, in-your-face and fierce.

Dublin-based Tony Tyrrell’s latest track arrives ahead of his debut album Conviction. The stately ballad is centred around rich melodies and uplifting lyrics. Now a songwriter, Tony began his musical interest as a classically trained clarinetist. He later took up the saxophone and went on to play various folk-rock and acoustic combos.

The singer-songwriter is set to release the album on August 22. Speaking on the release, he said: “I call the album Conviction because it fulfils my promise to myself of doing something that’s been inside me for some time.”

Pa Sheehy and Sinead White, 'Surrender'

Is there a match more made in heaven than the harmonies of Sheehy and White, both excellent musicians in their own right? Perhaps not. Catch former Walking On Cars frontman Pa on his European tour and at Cork's Indiependence this month. The Dingle native recently dropped his debut solo EP The Art of Disappearing alongside radio hit ‘Róisín’. 'Surrender' has beautiful string accompaniment, and hushed delivery of the compassion-soaked lyrics focusing on memories and regrets.

Speaking about the single, Pa Sheehy said: "This song swivels through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Contrasting imagery that creates a longing for what was and a sadness for what is. It was written in the middle of nowhere with a few friends this time last year. Some songs are hard to write and some songs just fall on your lap. This song was written so easily. I hope people can connect with it the same way I do."

The Dublin artist has is readying his anticipated PHA$E EP, and now he's gifted us another brilliant single offering. Featuring R&B synths and dance-worthy beats, he also just revealed the video for 'Phases' yesterday. 'Constantly' shows off AikJ's smooth as honey vocals, he sounds like Ireland's answer to Giveon. Sleek production and a down-tempo melody gives the track a warm, intimate feel with the musician's natural charisma.

Benny Smiles feat. Jessy Lord, 'Solid Ground'

The new electro-pop collaboration also comes with an acoustic rendition. 'Solid Ground' marks Smiles' first project since 2020 single 'When We Touch' and his 2015 Hotline Miami 2 EP. Lord's vocals sound exactly like Jessie Ware's, which is high praise. Lush instrumentation and glittery synths add an '80s ambiance to the single. Hopefully we'll get more releases soon from the synthwave/retrowave producer - who is based in London. Favouring electronic instruments, vintage synthesisers and drum machines, his work nods to M83, Neon Indian, and Com Truise. The single wouldn't be out of place in the Stranger Things Season 4 soundtrack, actually.

KhakiKid x Frank Zing, 'Sports & Tattoos'

Taken from the Dublin alt-rapper's upcoming Elevator Music EP, out later this month, 'Sports & Tattoos' has all the ingredients of a hit waiting to be cooked. Following on from 'Woodstock', 'Cozy' and 'Shlumped Up', the latest cut has the grooviest bassline we've heard in a long time. Fusing funk, soul and hip-hop and injecting KhakiKid's laidback, tongue-in-cheek raps - it's undeniably catchy. You'll be addicted to his tracks, energetic live sets and refreshing nods to comedy heroes - his Longitude set today was a hit.

The first single from her upcoming sophomore EP Zero Sympathy (out at the end of 2022) is a feminist anthem centred around defying expectations. Cork producer and singer-songwriter Lenii “won’t settle for this 1950’s housewife type” on the new single, written with one of her childhood icons: Mr Hudson. 'Already Famous' is inspired by the production and confidence of Kanye West, and the vocal tone of Die Antwoord. Her signature ethereal, wispy vocals cut through an earth-shaking hip-hop beat that would rattle Jay Z. Seeing equal success as a producer, writer and multi-instrumentalist, Lenii also has upcoming cuts with David Guetta, Pink Sweat$ and Kenzie, to name a few. In her own words, "get to know my face / I’m already famous / better scream my name".

Driven Snow’s latest offering (released by FIFA Records), continues Kieran and Emily’s musical story with a beautifully ethereal tune of laid-back melody, sublime harmonies and marshmallow beats. Blending electronic and acoustic elements, 'Sunlight' is a classic, cautionary tale of how easy it is to lose one’s way in life while reminding that, if you hang on to hope, it’s never too late to rediscover the right path. Influences include Neil Young, Beach House, Cat Power, Scandinavian TV shows and fireside beers. You'll recognise Kieran as a lynchpin of Delorentos and Emily as a vocalist with Republic of Loose and Stars On Fire.

Irish indie-pop-rock outfit modernlove. have shared the the latest cut from their forthcoming EP Oh My Mind - out July 29th through Akira Records. Continuing the same rich and glossy texture of their output over the last few months, 'familiar' looks to cement the group as both heartfelt and passionate. Their newest release brings back more of that warm and alluring aesthetic they have cultivated for themselves, brimming with bright and tender moments throughout.

Speaking about the new single, they said, "familiar is a song about seeing an ex for the first time after breaking up. It's about seeing them from across a bar with somebody else, having moved on with their life and the feelings that moment can evoke."

Galway singer and composer Anna Mullarkey has unveiled the stunning visuals for her ethereal new single ‘Falling Apart’. The single arrives via Strange Brew, with the musician also announcing her forthcoming debut album Falling - out on Friday, 19 August 2022. Mullarkey uses her signature gossamer vocals on the new track to describe the story of a relationship fracturing and eventually breaking entirely.

“‘Falling Apart’ is a song about the end of a relationship,” Anna explains. “It’s about that moment you realise it is over and you have to let them go.” The Mia Mullarkey-directed video explores this narrative through contemporary dance with dancers Robyn Byrne and Emily Kilkenny Roddy as a couple as they find themselves both bound together while growing apart.

'Brokeback' will be the lead track on Belfast singer-songwriter's captivating new project, titled It Was an Honour to Be Nominated. Much like a church itself, there's a quietness to the track which amplifies McDowell's important, confessional form of wordplay brilliantly.

"Brokeback is written from the perspective I had as a child in a cathedral choir, and more specifically an experience where I had a panic attack during a television broadcast of a Mass," Niall says. "I felt like this song poured out of me one night, and using this experience as a metaphor for my own current emotions surrounding grief and knowing what i know now versus what i knew then, was very validating to me. It's my favourite song I've written."

How can anyone ignore the momentum of Dublin-based Italian/Irish duo Big Sleep? With charm, humour and indie anthems in their arsenal, their potential is through the roof. With that in mind, they've just released their debut EP - produced by J Smith (James Smith of Gypsies on the Autobahn). 'In My Head' and 'Tutti Frutti', previewed singles', are their best tunes but we've got lots of love for the adorable 'Hunnibee'.

"So if you were to leave, that's alright with me / 'Cause I'll keep it moving when the morning comes / and you'll be better off with another one / the kind of guy with a bit more time to spend those long lazy days in the sun riverside," lead vocalist Rónán Connolly declares. The song's soulful subject can't help but compare himself to his loved one's partner. "You're my number one hunnibee / So obvious I wish I could see...But I'm a fool to believe in you."

Scullion, 'All The Bells In Spain'

Irish folk-rock band Scullion have released the single 'All The Bells In Spain', taken from their upcoming album Time Has Made a Change in Me. The project marks the band's first album release in ten years. Dropping September 22, the new album is a two-year (isolation fuelled) labour of love. The new album will be celebrated by the band with an album launch tour across Ireland - dates tbc.

Speaking about 'All The Bells In Spain', the band’s lead songwriter Sonny Condell explains: "This song was written as a way of dodging making a speech as father of the bride at my Daughter’s wedding. It was a big nervous gamble, could I write it? And in time, would they like it? Would the hired guitar be playable? But it all worked out, and it was first performed as the sun set over the Mediterranean sea, and that happy day was in 2018."

The Irish electro-pop artist has returned with a delicate new single 'Wasted', a vulnerable track that pays homage to heartbreak and the process of stepping away from a relationship. From his 2021 acclaimed album Holy Trouble to his previous single 'Spinning Heart', 'Wasted' is set to be his next big track. The cinematic single continues the dark, indie-electronic sound that Cohle has been exploring as of late.

The singer-songwriter said: "It's one of the last songs I wrote in 2020 detailing a relationship that had fallen apart after two years. 'Wasted' is when I knew I couldn't make it work anymore, and I had to step away. However there’s a strength in the discovery of acknowledging one’s defeat, and being ultimately present in one’s own felt senses. Because of that I think ‘Wasted’ has a euphoric element to it.”.

Ross A., 'Flowing to You, Flowing Through'

Inspired by Neil Young’s Harvest , Bob Dylan’s John Wesley Harding and John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band as well as Dawes, Wilco, Beck, Father John Misty and Bill Callahan; alt indie-indie singer-songwriter Ross A. is making quite the introduction with his new single. The Kildare native tapped Gavin Glass to produce, and the track features a sumptuous string quartet arrangement by Cormac Curran (Villagers, Hozier, John Grant, Lisa Hannigan).

“This song is part of a collection developed during lockdown, a quiet couple of years for the artist community," Ross A. explains. "It was tracked with a live band at Orphan Recording in Wexford, where we also brought in a string quartet, who elevated it beautifully. 'Flowing To You, Flowing Through' deals with the nature of being an artist and why I do it. Songs that mean the most to me are those I feel I’ll be happy to leave behind. This is one. Although the lyric is explorative, its theme, that of valuing the permanence of love above all else, is uncomplicated."

Neon Atlas, 'It’s All Who You Know'

The Cork-based alt-indie outfit have released the first single from their upcoming, as yet untitled, third album. 'It's All Who You Know' packs a mean punch with its barrage of upbeat energetic guitar work and crashing drums. It's a strong display of Neon Atlas’s ability to create catchy and uplifting music, following on from 2022 single 'Your Mistakes Have Got Nothing On Mine'. The layered vocals and '00s-inspired guitar riffs transport the listener to a wonderfully nostalgic era.

A polished single with live drums, it's a change of sound after debut single 'To The Bone'. The release also comes hot on the heels of Copley announcing his debut headline show for Academy 2, Dublin on September 17th. He's been making music since the age of 14, and maintains that raw passion for telling poignant stories with pure honesty. Produced remotely by Nathan Cox (Declan McKenna, Orla Gartland) there’s a more alternative and ever so slightly heavier edge to 'Little Box'. Those lyrics stick with you, that's for sure.

“Little Box is a song about trying to get someone to like you, even though you’d probably be better off without them,” the singer-songwriter explains. “It’s about making yourself smaller to fit into their narrow expectations of you, and reimagining even their most hurtful behaviour as being an expression of love. By the end, though, it’s more about breaking out of the box than anything else.”

Ria Rua, 'I Don’t Care'

Taken from the alternative electro artist's new CHAOS/CONTROL EP and following on from singles like 'Boss' and 'Breathe', 'I Don't Care' has industrial, frenetic soundscapes with an intimate, otherworldly sound. Full of strength and dark instrumentation, it's stunningly cinematic. A track focusing on power and identity, Ria Rua's hypnotic voice has a ruthless quality to it. We're beyond excited to see where she goes from here - but it's surely an upwards trajectory.

Wicklow multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Anna Mieke, whose anachronistic vocal talent toes the line between alt-folk and vivid dreamscapes, has shared her first new music in nearly two years. The track features Rozi Plain (This Is The Kit) on bass, Matthew Jacobson (ReDiViDeR) on percussion, Ryan Hargadon (Kojaque, Rachael Lavelle) on synths and piano, and Cora Venus Lunny on strings. Recorded in the middle of a pandemic, Anna pours all her emotions in her intricate guitarwork and spellbinding voice.

“The song for me, brings me back to the intensity of my early twenties, new people, relationships, places, and also the craving to be constantly moving, to be somewhere different...a perpetual unsettledness,” Anna said in a press release. “The song touches on memory vs reality, and the romanticisation of certain memories. We have a tendency to over-analyse and over-describe moments too, which can take away from the actual time/event/experience we’re wanting to remember.”

Owen Rua, ‘I Can’t Let This Feeling Go’

The Kerryman finds inspiration in the work of JP Cooper, Sam Smith, Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey and Years & Years. New track 'I Can’t Let This Feeling Go' is a perfect captivation of emotions mixed with electronic tunes everyone can relate to. A summer bop, for sure.

"The song represents unrequited love and the struggle of moving on," Owen offers. "I think falling in love is scary in itself, but falling in love with someone who you know will not be able to love you back can be a real challenge. A lot of people may be able to relate to the message, but the key for me is that you are not alone if this is what you are currently going through and maybe the song will be something you can relate to in the moments that you feel this way."

Trac3y Jackson, ‘Therapy Session’

The Cork-based rapper and songwriter only started writing last November, but she's on the way up. Her journey started when she was signed to a local independent record label called Banger Productions, scouted by the founder Blue 9. Since then she has written an EP in just six months called Apply That Pressure, due to land later this year. Hip-hop/drill single 'Therapy Session' was written after grim experiences with misogyny.

“It was the best way I knew how to process an awful situation and emotions. It’s about being truly tired that still in 2022 women are treated differently to men, expected to act different or if they act in ways society has seen as “just for men” how they are degraded and seen as less. When that is not the case. The excuses made for boys when they act aggressive, unfaithful and manipulative is something that has never and will never sit right."

The first single from the new album Trick of the Light was recorded between Derry and Carlow. For fans of Glen Hansard, Elliott Smith, Wilco and R.E.M; 'Cave In' and B-side 'Cold Bones' both suggest that the new album has a slightly darker tone. Guitar lines reminiscent of Johnny Marr (The Smiths), Andy Summers (The Police), and Geordie Walker (Killing Joke) are a treat to hear.

"I think 'Cave In' is a good example of how we've tried to change things up for this album," HUTCH declares. "It's a bit darker in tone, a little heavier maybe, a bit rockier in places, based more around the electric guitar. What inspired the song itself was the feeling of getting older, and wondering whether I had missed my chance to make something happen with my music. Although I hope the themes are more universal than that".

The title track and album opener embodies O'Reilly's unique way of magically morphing soundscapes into his own genre entirely. With scratchy background instrumentation and mingling strings, Myles' delicate vocals cut through the beautiful noise with poetic lines. "I'm tired of being the one to listen, now I'll make some music, and make it love me," the Dublin filmmaker and musician croons.

'Cocooning Heart' was written during the pandemic when Myles' neighbour Rod knocked on the door and gave him a Moog synthesizer. "Flood gates opened. I was in my attic, whispering into a mic so my wife couldn't hear me," he describes. There were moments when I cried profusely. I was reunited with the act of writing music, and nothing else mattered. Every lyric of that song is exactly what was on my mind that night, in that reunion."

Listen to the playlist in full below.