2022-07-31 11:44:49 By : Ms. Kitty Hsu

Have you been hearing how there are not enough lifeguards this summer? Do you think that I am going to tell you that you can learn how to be a lifeguard in two hours and save someone's life? No. There is something you can do that takes two hours and can be done, every 56 days.

What is this amazing that you can do? It is donate blood. Yes, whole blood donations of any blood type are urgently needed right now. Yes, all types. 

If you donate blood at a New York Blood Center, across the state, during the month of July, you can get a box of Girl Scout Cookies and you will also be entered-to-win tickets to see a future NY Mets game.

The New York Blood Center donation centers, in the Hudson Valley, are located:

Donating through the American Red Cross is also possible, currently the best way to find donation locations, or Blood Drives, is to enter your zip code on their blood donation location locator. The American Red Cross is also offering 'gifts' that have Shark Week themes, to include (according to their website) exclusive Shark Week outdoor adventure merchandise package from Discovery. Package includes a beach bike, smokeless portable fire pit, paddle board, kayak and a $500 gift card to put toward accessories.

There are other ways to participate in community activities, for instance you can also participate in this: