Legacy Building Solutions Fabric Flat Grain Storage Buildings

2022-07-16 03:54:37 By : Mr. Zhao guang Tan

Combining rigid-frame engineering with the proven benefits of tension fabric membranes, Legacy Building Solutions offers high-quality fabric structures that are fully customizable.

Legacy fabric buildings utilize a durable rigid frame in place of hollow-tube, open web truss “hoop” framing traditionally used for fabric structures. The strong structural steel frame provides several engineering advantages, most notably the ability to easily customize buildings to the exact width, length and height required.

In addition to long clear spans, the buildings have straight sidewalls that maximize the useable square footage inside the structure. The design allows for much more structural flexibility than traditional fabric structures, including the ability to add lean-tos, sidewall doors and more. The structures are also engineered to provide desired overhangs or handle additional loads for items like conveyors.

Unlike hollow tube steel, Legacy’s solid structural steel I-beams are not vulnerable to unseen corrosion originating inside a tube. Additionally, there are multiple coating options available for all steel components, including epoxy paint, hot dip galvanizing, primer and powder coat paint. Legacy buildings feature high-quality fabric roofs that eliminate the corrosion concerns associated with metal-constructed facilities.

Learn more at www.LegacyBuildingSolutions.com.

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