I’m a super organized dad – my $15 trick makes storing my 3 kids’ toys in a single tiny closet possible | The Irish Sun

2022-07-26 23:23:48 By : Mr. keith wu

KIDS are small, but their messes seem to take over the whole house.

Use one dad's genius trick to save space and corral all your kids' toys into one closet for just $15.

Tyler Moore, a father of three who lives in New York City, is known as The Tidy Dad on his blog and across social media, where he shares his best advice for making the most of small spaces.

To help keep his home tidy, Moore uses a "toy rotation closet" that helps keeps the things his daughters use less frequently from cluttering up the 750-square-foot apartment.

But an abundance of games, crafts, and dolls made even the toy closet overflow, Moore said in Cubby, so he decided to get creative and carve out more organizational space.

Rather than stacking more shelves or bins along the walls, he brought home some inexpensive pegboard from the hardware store and set to work installing it.

"Pegboards are inexpensive, easy to install, and can be customized to organize a variety of small items," Moore explained.

He noted that pegboards are an especially effective way to store small items, like art supplies and charging cables, that have a tendency to slip through the cracks and become part of loose clutter piles throughout the house.

Depending on your space, you might spend even less than Moore did. Home Depot has sections of pegboard for as little as $7, and you can mix and match smaller pieces to suit your space.

Because Moore bought pre-cut pegboard, it didn't require additional modification once he brought it home.

The installation took around 30 minutes, Moore continued. He just affixed wood strips to the top and bottom of the pantry wall, then screwed the pegboard into place.

"I installed the pegboard roughly three feet from the floor so that our three-tier art cart could fit underneath," Moore wrote.

Once it was in place, he was able to customize the storage space with modular containers.

Their movability makes them perfect for smaller kids, who can't reach the bins on their own but can have the containers handed down by a grown-up.

"I was able to add pegboard bins, cups, and baskets," Moore added.

He chose accessories that fit 1/4-inch pegboards, and suited the items he needed to add to the crowded closet.

"They also allow the space to be customized in so many different ways," he said, which is perfect for a rotation-based organizational system.

As kids grow and change, so do their interests.

Using a pegboard means you can easily modify your storage solutions as your kids' clutter changes, creating more room for bigger pieces or keeping small hanging cups all in a row.

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