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2022-06-25 03:13:29 By : Mr. Frank Shen

A 35-year-old Palm Beach County man was arrested after he was caught carrying a gun, two magazines, and 48 rounds of ammunition when he tried to enter Disney Springs last month, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s report.

Aaron Lopez was charged with carrying a concealed firearm, which is a felony, according to online Orange Circuit Court records.

Lopez was caught with a firearm when he tried to enter the popular restaurant and shopping complex through the Orange Garage on May 27. He set off an alert when he walked through Disney’s high-tech security detectors.

A Disney Security guard reported, “I told him I was going to search his bag and he told me he had a folding knife in his bag. I told him to show me the knife then I said I would have to search his bag. Still hasn’t put it on the table at this point. Then he proceeds to say, ‘Oh there’s something else in here besides a knife that I wanna put back in my car.’ He then promptly turned around and walked away.”

Another Cast Member intercepted Lopez and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office became involved.

“We checked the firearm for a serial number. None could be located. We were told by Aaron that the firearm is a Glock clone and he has to submit paperwork to the state to have a serial number assigned,” the arrest report said. “Aaron told me that he had a valid carry conceal firearm license but… none could be located through any law enforcement database.”

Lopez was trespassed from Disney and arrested.

Similar arrests happen regularly at Disney World where tourists and locals who don’t have concealed weapon permits forget they left a gun in a bag or don’t know Disney bans on weapons at its theme parks and properties.

Lopez didn’t have an attorney listed in Orange Circuit Court records. We reached out to him for comment.

Lopez said he had never been in trouble with the law before and he has a good job. He carries a gun for protection, he told WDWNT.

“It doesn’t matter where I am. I carry a gun with me at all times. I can be at a restaurant, I can be at Disney. I don’t care. I carry a gun at all times. Period. I don’t trust law enforcement… I don’t trust anybody,” Lopez said. “At the end of the day, it’s the second amendment. I’m allowed to bring it. The fact that Disney is a private place, and they don’t allow it, I think it’s kind of stupid.”

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I wasn’t sure when Disney started doing the bag checks and scans for entry, but I’m so glad now. These people are just so stupid/nuts.

You’re glad that they arrested a guy who was perfectly willing to go back to his car to put up his concealed carry weapon when he realized that it wasn’t allowed on the premises?

Eh, that guy likely never would have done anything wrong. Carrying for protection will never hurt you or anyone else unless u try and hurt that person. He likely carries all the time without incident and forgot it was with him until it was too late. He should be kicked off the property but not charged unless he did something violent.

It didn’t say that he was alone but I assume he was going to Disney World by himself.. that’s kinda odd for a grown man to just go to DW alone.. Unless he’s in he’s younger and meeting up with friends or something but this doesn’t check out to me.

What do you mean by “these people”

100% agree. He’s the dumb one imo. Everyone gets checked at all parks & more recently at Disney Springs and I’m glad for it. Doing so helps keep the guests & employees safer.

I don’t know what Floridian law is, but I’m sure you’re not allowed to conceal carry a firearm in places that serve alcohol. Also, 2nd amendment protects citizens from a government entity, Disney isn’t that. It’s no different then me saying that I don’t allow guests coming to my home with a firearm. It’s my right as a property owner to forbid whatever I feel like.

You would be wrong on Florida law, you can be in a place that serves alcohol with a concealed weapon, unless it makes 51% of it’s profit from alcohol, and if under, you just can’t be at the bar, but you could be at the booth or regular table.

If it’s open to the public that law is null and void. Guy did nothing wrong apart from probably being denied a California concealed carry permit which they can’t anymore unless a prohibited person

Since all of that is false and started with “I have no clue what I’m talking about but I’m sure…” Was there a point to your comment? Just wanted to give your view on how you wished laws and the constitution were written?

“The fact that Disney is a private place, and they don’t allow it, I think it’s kind of stupid.”

Clearly this person does not understand the concept of private property.

You clearly don’t understand the comment. he was saying he thinks the policy is stupid.

Uhhhh, yeah, The Second Amendment has Nothing to do with Government entities and everything to do with Law Abiding Citizens protecting themselves. Now albeit Legal, Law Abiding Citizens can find themselves legally disarmed by the places they are invited to, so those Citizens must needs learn alternatives in Personal Defense in keeping with the situation 🙄 as my leg acts up from old injuries I walk with a medical cane as massive spasms tend to make me fall without it. Bearing in mind the Question, do I really need to be anywhere my being disarmed and helpless is a pergoritive over my safety and Personal Defense concerns ? And as a Certified Firearms Instructor and shooting coach etc I understand the validity of safe concealed carry as well as training and practice including physical fitness. I think Disney has long made such concerns well known as far as making it safer for those less concerned with Law Abiding Citizens and a safer gun free environment for would be assailants.

He needs a heavy fine & be banned for life time at any Disney location!

So how about banned from. Disney, for Life ? a bit extreme. And FYI, You cannot fine monetarily, once you ban them for life, he offered to leave his firearm off the propery. Better would be a security zone with Arms lockers where lawfully armed Civilians could place their legally carried firearms safely locked up including their concealed carry credentials.

What a complete moron! Good thing Disney has security checks for this. You’re going to a Disney location not a gang war

You should watch some video’s of what can happen! I would be happy to have my legally carried fire arm with me!

Thank God for security at wdw! Besides you do not know theres a law to not bring in guns have you not gone to any theme park wdw isnt the only one w that rule, how about traveled anywhere, fill in the next blank for me with another a duh moment please its late! Is this what the world has come too? Besides how did you forget you have stuff w you that may or may not belong be honest you were coming to shoot people! Lovely again tg for wdw security and the sheriff dept.

Wrong. A private facilities policy is not law from reading the story it was most likely a polymer 80 kit which as I understand it is legal in Florida without a serial number the Supreme Court just affirmed our rights to carry and public for self-defense and he was trying to go put it in his car when he realized that they weren’t going to allow him to enter with it he was then stopped while trying to comply with their policies and arrested in violation of his rights.

There is no law against bringing weapons to Disney or any other Florida theme park. Disney does not allow it and can ask a guest to leave, just like they can ask you to leave if you violate their dress code. If you refuse to leave after being issued a trespass warning in the presence of law enforcement, now there’s a crime. In this case the crimes were concealed carry without a permit and possibly possession of a firearm with a modified serial number. However, it is also possible that this was actually a homemade “Glock clone”. In that case the weapon is perfectly legal and the only mistake is that the accused thinks the state issues serial numbers for homemade guns. This is false as serials aren’t technically required on such a weapon but it’s generally recommended that the person creating it put their own serial number on it.

Florida law, federal law, and ATF guidelines on these things are well published.

This guy works for Tesla in Florida

Are you really trying to Doxx this guy for no reason? It was most likely a polymer 80 kit which as I understand it is legal to own in Florida and does not have a serial number and the Supreme Court just Affirmed our rights to carry firearms in public for self-defense on top of all of that the guy was going to go and put it back in his car when he realize the place he was about to enter did not allow it they actually violated his rights. Disney’s going to have another losing lawsuit.

This guy is correct law enforcement sucks so I carry a gun too everywhere

You think he needs a Glock 19 with no serial number and no concealed carry permit, 2 magazines and a box of 48+ rounds of ammunition for a day at Disney World? Not to mention his knife?

There is something *seriously* wrong with you.

This whole idea of “self-defense” is such bull. The most dangerous person at Disney World that day was him. #downwiththesecondamendment #nogunsforanyone

Do you also carry two full clips with you? Because if so who are you planning to destroy?

Ok katie, we love you. Dream and IMgine away. Its whT keeps the worl aive!!!

good, use it on yourself

I guess this buffoon didn’t get the memo: Cheez Whiz is the new weapon du jour.

Ignorance and gun possession is a lethal combination. Too many ignorant mofos carrying guns these days.

It’s the 48 rounds that has me question his intent

Started reading thinking I was gonna sympathize with he guy After reading, naa he’s definitely an idiot. No valid permit No serial number It probably was a good faith carry but you have to have all your paperwork sorted sot Sorry bud

It is my understanding that polymer 80 Glock clones which this most likely was are legal in Florida and the Supreme Court just affirmed our rights to carry firearms in public for self-defense. He literally did nothing wrong he was even going to go put it back in his car when he realize the place he was about to enter didn’t allow it.

It wasn’t clear if this guy was entering alone or with a family, but if he was entering alone, and had all that ammo, that right there is a red flag. Was he going to ride the rides by himself? Sounds like his plan was thwarted. Thankfully. The feds need to keep an eye on this guy. Maybe even do some investigating into his background. Security probably saved many lives, including children’s lives, that day.

Your firearm doesn’t need a serial number if you manufactured it. California laws are about to get crapped on after todays scotus opinion. And in California it’s a may issue license scheme which was just found unconstitutional. If he applied and was denied for no just cause the charges will be dropped. It’s sick to think people need permission to have the ability and tools to defend themselves, when the 2nd and 14th amendment protect that. Shame on the uneducated like yourself.

The article states it was a Glock clone, so the headline is incorrect. Since 1968 all commercially created firearms require a serial number- though most manufacturers started serializing in the early 1900s. The article states that there was no serial, not that one was removed (which is a very serious crime). Tied in with the previous fact that it was a Glock clone, means it was most likely homemade. There is no requirement for a firearm you make yourself to be serialized, and that part isn’t a crime. His only crime was carrying a concealed firearm without first paying his tax to the department of agriculture. He’s likely looking at five years minimum if he goes to trial, he’ll see a first offer of one year in jail, with a final plea offer of 90-120 days.

Seems like the guy knew about the firearm, tried to get away with getting in with it anyway, then tried to back out when it was clear things weren’t gonna work out. The clear intent is gonna be a sticking point. Sadly, if he’d been up front about it, saying he forgot, apologized, and went to go store his firearm, they probably would have arrested him anyway. And that’s harsh when plenty of people honestly forget they have a weapon in their bags.

I moved out of Florida several years ago, so I may not be up to date on the carry laws, but I thought carrying without a permit was a first degree misdemeanor. Has that changed within the last five years or so? Or does Disney have some sort of gun-free status on par with schools and courthouses? I know schools and courthouses are considered federal property, which makes carrying a weapon on those premises a federal matter, but since Disney has so much clout perhaps they managed to obtain something similar from a legal perspective?

Also, I recognize the firearm in question was stated to be a clone, meaning he probably built it off an 80 percent frame and there’s consequently no crime in it lacking serial numbers, but can such firearms be legally conceal carried? I was under the impression that Florida required any legally conceal carried firearm to have an issued serial number. But it’s been a while since I’ve looked up the laws on the matter.

If carrying without a permit is now a felony, that’s a darn shame. I do recall printing was always something law enforcement went after folks over. And in Florida the weather just doesn’t provide that many carry options. The article indicates the firearm was in a bag; I didn’t think that was allowable per Florida’s conceal carry laws. They make messenger bags with stitched loops to retain a handgun and spare magazines while retaining the functionality of a simple messenger bag. It would be nice if they were allowed now; reciprocity means my permit applies, but I clearly need to hit the books before I visit the Sunshine State again. And I should check to see if I’m gonna catch heck if I were to stay at a Disney-owned hotel with a gun in my travel bag, or even if I kept it locked up in my truck’s mini-safe. I know Disney wants to create a family-friendly environment, which they for some reason equate to one where only those with the intent to inflict harm will be armed, but it is still all in Florida. You can’t ignore the reality of the state you set up shop in, you know?

Doubt he’ll get that if he can prove he applied and was denied in California by just cause. Major changes coming.

Yeah one more reason I will never go to anything Disney. Having someone arrested for carrying a pistol? That’s awful.

It’s very clearly stated at every single entrance what you can’t bring into any Disney establishment. He tried to skirt the rules, that’s what’s really awful.

What an awful take. Geez

Private property, bro. Just like some people don’t want you bringing your gun in their house, Disney sure as hell doesn’t want you bringing your gun in their house.

Why? At least they have detectors. Think of how many people waltz into your local grocery store carrying guns thinking they are going to be the hero if something goes down

Unbelievable. Who knows what might have happened if they had not found the weapon and let him enter. He says he carries it all the time and yet knows that Disney would not allow it, just doesn’t make sense. No serial number on the gun, no conceal weapon carry permit, and 48 rounds of ammunition. Glad the security was on top of this.

I also have a CCW that I used to carry to all the parks before they got crazy with searching bags. Had this guy actually had a CCW, Disney could only legally trespass him, no arrests would have been made.

They actually couldn’t trespass him until they asked him to leave and he refused, that is if he had everything else legally.

What got him arrested is 1)not having a conceal carry permit and then having a gun without a SN which if he did any sort of research would know a gun is not legal until it gets its SN. The way the guard explained how he said “I have something else that needs to go in my car” says he knew he was in the wrong and got caught. You can moan and groan all you want it’s private property, it’s thier rules so get over it. It sounds like he’s trying to justify his actions. And to top it off who the hell needs 48 rounds of ammo, even on a normal carry you don’t need that. Sounds to me he’s trying to act like a cop. Or they could of prevented something worse from this wackjob.

“a gun is not legal until it gets its SN.”

This is not even remotely correct. You can make your own guns sans serial number. What you can’t do is sell that gun without getting it a serial number. Making firearms sans serial has been the law of the land since even before the Constitution was made

In Florida you are 100% allowed to build firearms. PERIOD! These built firearms are not required to be serialized. Look it up before you post nonsense.

No argument in regards to failure to have a permit. The fact that he didn’t have it on him is pretty damning. And you’re perfectly right in regards to a private business having the right to bad firearms from the premises. But, about the serial number issue…

A Glock clone firearm, which he himself called it, is one which uses Glock and aftermarket parts except for the frame. If the frame is less than 80 percent complete, the pistol frame isn’t considered a firearm by law. And if you finish milling out the frame yourself (which can be done with a jig, vice, and a drill press), you can then assemble your firearm using Glock and aftermarket Glock parts. This is an example of the heavily vilified Ghost Guns that the news outlets just can’t stop panicking over.

That’s relevant because homemade firearms (whether made entirely by yourself or just the part the ATF defines as the firearm) are not required by law to have serial numbers. If at any point he wished to sell the gun, then he would need to go to a gunsmith who would obtain a serial number from the ATF and engrave it on the firearm. At that point, the firearm would now be in the ATF registry and the owner could legally sell it.

As for 48 rounds, that’s not much if he was carrying a 9mm or .40 S&W. (.45 ACP is the last of the three most popular carry-pistol calibers, but the size of the bullet tends to mean standard magazines hold 13 or so at best. He had two magazines, and possibly a third in the gun itself, which doesn’t quite add up if you do the math.) On the other hand, my Glock 17 (one of the most popular handguns in the world, with the possible exception of the .45 ACP 1911 Government model) comes with 17 round magazines, is compatible with 33-round magazines originally intended for the fully-automatic (and military/LE-only) Glock 18, but I find MagPul’s 21-round magazines are both more affordable than Glock-made magazines and offer more mass to the lightweight frame. A pistol’s mass can help absorb recoil and reduce muzzle flip, allowing you to get back on target more quickly between shots. (That’s the downside with polymer-frame handguns: they’re light enough to allow for comfortable conceal carry, but that light weight means they aren’t going to perform quite as well as steel-framed handguns would. Train enough and you learn to compensate.) So, with the 17+1 I habitually carry in my firearm in a shoulder holster, plus a pair of 21 round magazines slotted in a carrier under my other arm, that’s a total of 60 rounds of ammunition in a relatively small amount of space. Law enforcement generally carry close to double that amount, as there is a correlation between the number of rounds fired during an exchange and who comes out of it alive and, hopefully, unventilated.

Of course, a lot of that can be blind, panic-firing. Police can be just as guilty of it as anybody else; the difference between them and the rest of the public is that a private citizen is held legally responsible for where every single bullet he fires goes. (That’s why I prefer a revolver, to be honest. I’m forced to pick my shots and make them count.) Law enforcement members don’t quite have that concern. I was at a club around 6 years ago in Miami. A uniformed cop came in, which wasn’t anything unusual, except he had one hand on his weapon and was scanning the crowd as he moved.

I almost died that night.

If I hadn’t been raised around military and LEOs, alarm bells wouldn’t have gone off in my head at the sight of the guy. I grabbed my girlfriend, we got out of the booth, and I told the nice couple we were talking to that now was the time to leave. The shooting started less than 10 seconds later.

Turns out the officer had identified a wanted drug dealer with gang connections and a violent history on the street. He followed the guy into the club instead of calling for backup and setting up a watch on the exits so they could apprehend him as he left. He instead chose to follow a man who was probably armed into a densely populated location. Turns out the dealer was less than six feet from us when he made eye contact with the cop and went for his gun. We would’ve been hit were we not already hustling away.

The dealer got off three shots with his revolver, the first two catching the cop in the vest and the third going into the ceiling as he fell. The cop got off the first shot but missed; he fired all 18 rounds in his weapon. 5 of them hit and downed the drug dealer. He struck six other people, killing two of them. Paid administrative leave was his punishment.

No real moral to the story except to say that most of those expected to carry guns are also faced with much less stringent standards to meet. That’s not right, but it’s how things are. If a private citizen wishes to carry a firearm and has done everything legally required of him, then he takes up a great burden. He is responsible for the use of that firearm, and better be darn sure of what he’s doing; if he’s not willing or trained to use it properly, it’s just a liability. He doesn’t have the luxury of shooting innocent passersby and getting paid for it.

I know it sounds like I’m hating on cops. Sadly, I am. Law enforcement in this country is a broken, corrupt, for-profit institution. I don’t want that to be the case anymore than you do, I’m sure. But, until there is significant reform of our criminal justice system from top to bottom, I can understand someone choosing to go everywhere armed rather than hope LEOs will protect him.

That sentiment being supported, it doesn’t change the idiocy of trying to get past the Mice In Black. Mickey Mouse security does not screw around, and this dude is lucky no one waved a wand and turned him into an extra on the Haunted Mansion ride.

Homebuilt firearms for personal use are legal and not required to be serialized.

Wait until Desantis approves concealed carry. It’ll be Dodge City. Don’t look at someone the wrong way.

We already have concealed carry. Been doing to 30 years. You mean constitutional carry. 25 other states have constitutional carry. Does is really look like Dodge city from legal gun owners?

What are you even talking about? Did you mean constitutional carry? Cause we already have CCW’s here in FL!

No City has ever become a Dodge City after enacting Concealed carry and not to mention Drunken cowboys and their illegal activities as well.

Constitutional carry and permitless carry, ie Vermint and other States and those States did not degenerate into brawls and other fights.

Groundless fears that never materialized into the Great Wild West so often predicted.

We have had concealed carry for decades, what are you talking about?

Lol you do know that most states issue conceal carry permits with no issue, right? As long as the individual has no criminal record or mental history. Unless you’re in CA and NY, you likely have at least one armed person around you, at any given time in public. Conceal carry permit holders break the law less than off duty cops, statistically. It’s kind of horrifying that you think looking at a CCW holder a certain way would cause them to use deadly force against you. Maybe you should look into how all of this works, before you start spouting off crazy comments like that. 99.999% of them are carrying to protect themselves, their families, and in many cases, they would protect you in a sticky situation. I know if I found myself in an active shooter situation, I would do everything I could to attempt to stop the shooter, and protect as many people as I could, with my CCW.

We already have Concealed Carry.

It’s the 48 rounds that has me question his intent

Florida has had shall-issue concealed carry for more than a decade. There has been no “Dodge City” re-enactments, and the people who have shot someone for “looking at them the wrong way” were the type who would do that in Chicago or NYC as well.

What was he thinking? Need protection at Disney? Was Mickey going to attack him? Maybe, just maybe, concealed carry permits just should not exist. That the only legal way to carry concealed is to be a active member of law enforcement. Or he’s so paranoid that he should not even have the pistol at all.

It’s not ILLEGAL to carry a gun. It’s against their policies and you can be banned for life if they want. The gun he was carrying sounds like a build it yourself which is completely legal. He shouldn’t have it on him if he doesn’t have a concealed weapons permit and was walking into a theme park property knowing he’d be searched. The knife wouldn’t be allowed either.

Hi Maunuel. You are incorrect, here in the U.S.A. it is indeed legal to manufacture a firearm for personal use as long as it meets existing Legal Requirements. No serial number is required legally. Guns manufactured for sale require serial numbers obviously, and a serial number helps track a firearm if it is stolen or lost. Also, a firearm persay, does not include destructive devices or machine guns.

I’m all about carrying but legally. However people think no gun zone area is safe. That’s where a criminal is at most dangerous because criminals doesn’t play by the rules. That’s why shooting happens mostly at no gun zone law. I mean look at Chicago, they have the toughest no gun laws yet there’s shooting every day. Extreme gun laws penalize the law abiding and the criminal forge ahead.

Knowledgeable people can infer from this article that the weapon he had was most likely a polymer 80 Glock clone which as I understand it is legal to possess in Florida as long as you put it together yourself they are not transferable between people on top of that the Supreme Court and just affirmed our rights to carry firearms in public for the purpose of self-defense. The article says that he was going to put it back in his car once he realized that Disney’s policy would not allow him to carry his concealed weapon inside they had him arrested anyway and violation of his rights. I hope he sues for big money.

It’s perfectly legal to build your own gun, if there’s a serial number on it. So no, it wasn’t completely legal.

Given he didn’t have a concealed carry permit, how would a change in that law affect someone already breaking the law? Did you think this through?

I carry everywhere. It’s irresponsible to not know where it is at all times, but the article and the comments make it sound like this dude was going to pull some kind of mass shooting. There is no way this dude knew he had his gun on him, if he walked up and waited in line at security lol. Just an idiot. Stop vilifying all gun owners.

Too bad schools don’t have security like this…

It’s funny how many of the commenters are so appalled. I used to conceal carry everywhere and that included Disney Springs (where this took place) because until covid there were absolutely no security measures in place. you simply parked and walked in, I didn’t even purposefully go I. With a gun, I just hadn’t taken it off yet. That being said, I’m a veteran and licensed to carry. This guy was being an idiot and I’m glad he was arrested

I go to Disney Springs quite often and it’s only been a few years since they started checking people so before I always had my gun with me because who’s knows if a whack job wants to come in and act a fool. But I’m ok with my seven rounds. But since they began checking everyone, I don’t mind leaving it behind, especially since I don’t have to worry about someone else having theirs. I wish it was safe enough where I could go anywhere without having to carry but unfortunately that’s not the world we live in. The first time I went there with there new no gun rule, I actually had mine on me and when I got to the security line I told him I had it on me and that I was licensed and all they did was allowed me to return it to my vehicle. So the man must have raised all sorts of red flags for them to do what they did, So good for you Disney.

Yep! People conveniently forget or were indoctrinated to think that the 2nd ammendment applies to all, but as you said, it’s for protecting citizens from a government entity.

A huge thank you to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Thank you for keeping us safe at all Disney properties. I feel a lot more safe there in Florida than I do in Anaheim. We are grateful to the OC Sheriff’s team. We can relax and enjoy.

🎭🇺🇸 ‘Ignorance of the Law is No-Excuse’ !!!🇺🇸🔱

‘So what were his real -intentions’ ??!!🧐💀🌾

Well he is not a law abiding 2nd amendment citizen. So he doesn’t ever need to say that again. He is an idiot. He had other intentions, with that much ammunition. Personally he should never see the light of day.

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