Ensign Equipment releases new belt conveyor for plastics recycling | Plastics News

2022-10-28 22:51:56 By : Ms. Jennifer Zeng

The new Ensign belt conveyor line delivers a robust, modular and price competitive belt conveyor solution for plastics recycling and size reduction applications.

Conveyors come in three standard configurations, each of them customizable to meet specific application requirements.  About Belt Conveyor

Ensign Equipment releases new belt conveyor for plastics recycling | Plastics News

Incline Conveyors — Most often used for the introduction of scrap or recycled materials in grinder, shredders and other downstream recycling equipment. 

Horizontal Conveyors — Implemented when manual sortation and/or inspection is required or when a simple transfer of material from one process to another is needed. 

Horizontal-to-Incline Conveyors — Designed to collect materials from bale breakers, shedders and other discharge equipment and then transfer that material into downstream systems, which are at elevated heights. 

These conveyors are designed with modular drive, idler, and middle sections, which accelerates the ability to design each conveyor length to the specific requirements of its application. Standard pulley widths offered are 18, 24, and 36 inches; however, custom widths for specialty applications are available. Conveyors can be configured with adjustable floor supports to accommodate multiple incline angles and provide flexibility for quick and easy installation no matter the environment. Typical belt types include PVC, rubber, and polyurethane; each can be designed with multiple features like cleats, synchronized sidewalls, and smooth or textured surfaces. Simple constant speed controls are available for more straightforward applications; however, variable speed controls can also be supplied for applications which need to be fine-tuned in the field.

Among the standard design offerings, Ensign also has a multitude of custom options that are frequently required for conveyor projects. Some of which include infeed hoppers, discharge chutes, metal detection, and automation. Infeed hoppers, also known as inception hoppers, are commonly needed on incline conveyors that receive materials from an Ensign Gaylord Dumper. Various discharge chutes and transitions are available to facilitate the consistent flow of material from the end of the conveyor and into downstream equipment. Plate or tunnel-style metal detection prevents metal contamination from causing downtime and damage to high-valued equipment downstream from the conveyor, effectively increasing the ROI of the overall processing line. PLC automation with the inclusion of photo eyes, interlocking relays, and various other components enables material processors the ability to process high volumes of material with minimal operator involvement.

A frequent application which involves all four of these areas is an incline conveyor feeding bulk plastic scrap from gaylords into a grinder. An inception hopper is custom designed based on the Ensign dumper and the material that will be handled. The discharge chute is also designed based on the size and manufacturer of the grinder. Metal detection is integrated into the bed of the conveyor to prevent foreign metal contaminants from dulling the cutters of the grinder. Lastly, PLC automation with controls integration into both the metal detector and grinder allows the Dumper-Conveyor System to automatically discharge and control the delivery rate of product without the requirement of continuous monitoring from an operator.

When asked what caused Ensign to add a new product line, Ensign's V.P. of Sales & Marketing Andrew Hartline commented, “We’ve made conveyors for years, but our lack of design standards put us in challenging competitive situations. We see an opportunity to continue to support our existing customer base by adding a competitively priced conveyor option that accompanies either our existing dumping equipment or our container filling solutions.

"By sourcing the complete system from Ensign, our customers can have confidence that all aspects of the solution’s mechanical design and controls will arrive on location at the same time, install with ease, and be intuitive for their operators and maintenance teams to use.”

Explicitly designed to integrate with Ensign’s other products, the new conveyor line expands their offerings and contributes to their mission of providing Smart Solutions To Keep You Moving!

Ensign Equipment 12523 Superior Ct. Holland, MI 49424 (616) 738-9000 [email protected]

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