How to build a container house?The regulations, the price and many other things to know!

2022-06-15 13:48:54 By : Ms. Alan Lau

In the small world of modern housing, it undeniably makes its mark during the Covid-19 pandemic period.In tune with the times, much appreciated for its rapid construction times, its modularity and its controlled costs, the container house is attracting more and more families looking for original housing, often at a low price.How to build a container house?Want to get started ?Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this type of housing, its cost and the regulations in force.Let's go !In 2022, container homes are all the rage and are also a way to make a fresh start.Over time, they have become more and more modern and very trendy.In addition, they want to be in complete harmony with today's environmental issues.They are attracting many followers at the same time as the strengthening of telework.If you plan to build one, take your time and familiarize yourself with the regulations in force before embarking on major maneuvers.A container house is a modular construction made up of several shipping containers, new or used, fixed together by a metal frame.They have gradually become an essential construction concept in contemporary architecture.When they are intended to be converted into dwellings, these containers are reinforced in the workshop, and insulation is provided on their interior and exterior surfaces.They can then be installed on the land provided for this purpose.Depending on the exterior finish chosen, the industrial look of the containers can become partially or completely invisible.Such a construction has many advantages.Here are a few :A container house also has disadvantages that must be taken into account:With any construction project, there are pitfalls to avoid.First of all, consult the local urban plan (PLU) of your municipality.This document, available at the town hall, will allow you to know the town planning rules in force in your residential area.The PLU will allow you to adapt your project so as to make it compatible with the regulations in force.Another option to obtain this information, you can also request a town planning certificate.This will let you know if your project is feasible.There are two versions: a simple one, which can be provided to you within 1 month and a more complete version, which is obtained within 2 months.Finally, you will be able to apply for a building permit at the town hall.Allow 2 months for a response.The construction of a container-based house is relatively quick.As a general rule, it takes a maximum of 7 months between the filing of the building permit and the delivery of the site.Allow about two months for the following steps:Then, plan on two weeks for the delivery of the modules, the assembly and the sealing of the house.Finally, you will only have to count between one and three months for the exterior finishes and the exterior cladding.The price of such a home depends mainly on the following criteria:Depending on all these criteria, the price of a container house varies between 900 and 2,200 € / m².Similarly, it also depends on whether you are hiring a builder or an architect.