Backdrop + Coming Soon Reveal Bold Color of the Year

2022-10-27 17:16:06 By : Ms. Amanda Zhang

Every December, the design industry waits with bated breath for Pantone to announce the Color of the Year as their pick often dictates trends within the home and fashion industries. Giving a cheeky nod to this yearly tradition is Backdrop, with the help of New York-based retailer Coming Soon. The paint is barely dry from Backdrop’s last drop with Barbie but they’re back to announce a new paint color called COLOR OF THE YEAR. The yellow-orange hue is both vibrant and playful, and bound to add some freshness to any space.

Since we launched Backdrop in 2018, we have always felt that paint is the most accessible and impactful way to transform a space. Rather than being driven by trends, the brand is based around a spirit of self-expression and a belief that color is a very personal choice for each of us. Why prescribe or dictate something like color of the year? Rubber Band Ball

Backdrop + Coming Soon Reveal Bold Color of the Year

Both brands share a similar sense of humor, aiming to bring fun to interior spaces, and most definitely, your life. This color evokes happiness with its sunshine-y richness – it’s not pumpkin spice but it’s pure delight.  Ebel shares: “Coming Soon and Backdrop share a bit of the same irreverence and tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, so when we see a tradition that could use a little bit of reinvention, we can’t help but it give it our own spin. I hope COLOR OF THE YEAR sparks some conversation and debate. After all, if you can’t have a little fun, what’s the point?”

“Backdrop is the rare partner that pushes us creatively and gives us total freedom to dream up wild colors to our heart’s desire,” says Fabiana Faria, co-founder of Coming Soon. “Together, our take on color of the year is a high / low mix – an orange that is equal parts Bottega Veneta rain boot and an everyday object like a rubber band. In a world where balls of rubber bands are disappearing, it’s time we start honoring them.” We agree!

COLOR OF THE YEAR paint is available in a custom, co-branded collectible can that retails for $45 for a half gallon and $69 for a gallon at

If you want a piece of “The Best Color in the Whole Wide World” in your own home beyond painting your walls, here are some ideas:

>>> Orange Eyes Pouf by Aelfie

>>> AJ Table Lamp by Louis Poulsen

>>> Trillium | Woodblock Print by Block Shop

>>> Don’t Leave Me Side Table by HAY

>>> Eames Lounge Chair by Herman Miller

>> Restore Basket (Medium) by Muuto

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Backdrop + Coming Soon Reveal Bold Color of the Year

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