10 Things Twin Falls Kids Today Will Never Get To Experience

2022-08-01 18:51:13 By : Mr. Nero Peng

There are so many things that happened in our childhood that kids today will not get the chance to experience. Technology is absolutely amazing, but there are just some things that kids today will never get to experience because we live in a different world.

After school television was the best and the only time you had to use the bathroom or grab a snack was the two-and-a-half-minute commercial blocks. There was no pausing television. It was even worse if your sibling got in the bathroom before you because it was cutting it super close.

I don't know if kids still do this or not, but we used to put together some questionable bike ramps made of plywood and cement blocks that weren't sturdy at all and was definitely likely to snap in half as soon as some weight got on it.

Slides used to be metal and in direct sun. Those metal slides could cook eggs and it definitely cooked your thighs if you were one of the first ones down it. No one wanted to be the first one down the slide unless they had a hoodie to tie around the waist.

Waiting for your favorite song on the radio so you could record it onto a cassette tape so you could listen to it whenever you wanted. Then there was the MP3 player that held like 3 songs. The iPod was revolutionary.

You knew you were going to be late home from school one day so you decided to grab a blank VHS tape so you could watch the latest episode of your favorite show. Well, that's when you accidentally taped over your parents' wedding or your sibling's first birthday. Whoops.

I can still hear that noise. Dial-up internet took your current landline and used it to connect to the internet. It usually took 5 minutes to connect, it was ridiculously slow to browse, and really the only thing you could do was play pinball on the desktop.

We probably shouldn't have run and played in the streets either but kids today definitely shouldn't. But getting together for a game of hockey or baseball in the street was always a great time. And every time a car came close we just yelled "Car" and everyone knew to get out of there.

Looking back it probably did more harm than good. However, any time the game cartridge wasn't working, we thought blowing on it would make it work again.

When you were sick and tired of listening to the radio and you wanted to hear all the songs from your favorite artist, you got their CD and you needed something that can hold all your CDs. And then you spent hours flipping through those CDs just to listen to the radio again.

In the original text messaging where you had to hit that 7 four whole times just to get the letter "S". T9 is the reason we use so many abbreviations in the text. Trying to type out "I don't care" took way too much time. And way too many pressing of the same number.