5 Best Yoga Mats For Hot Yoga

2022-11-01 03:19:13 By : Ms. April Fang

If you have ever tried hot yoga, you know that it's different from regular yoga: the room is hotter and the class is longer, often 90 minutes instead of 60. A lot of people love hot yoga classes for the challenge and burn, but for others, it can be too intense. If you've been considering trying a hot yoga class, but have been worried about the heat, relax — there are some great options out there when it comes to yoga mats for hot yoga.

To find the best yogaFjoi mat for you, consider these factors: Water Resistant Backpack

 5 Best Yoga Mats For Hot Yoga

There are many different types of yoga mats made from a variety of materials, including PVC, natural rubber (which may not be best for people with latex allergies), TPE (a rubber-like material), cork, and more. Rubber mats are heavier than some plastic or fabric mats.

When selecting a yoga mat, look for one that feels non-slip and has a textured surface. Make sure to rub the surface with your hand and feel it for grip before you make your purchase.

When deciding on a mat thickness, consider what feels most comfortable for you. If you want the feel of a cushion, choose a thicker mat. If you're concerned with stability, opt for a thinner mat.

Also, consider the aesthetic factor: Do you want to treat your mat like a second home? If so, choose one with a color or pattern that will motivate you and help remind you that yoga is about much more than just sweating!

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Pros & Cons: Double-sided, for better stability and grip.

Rubber with a textured surface is hard to clean.

This mat has a smooth but tacky texture that helps hold you in place, so your body prints won’t be as noticeable after a hot session. If you find yourself slipping on the smoother patterned surface, you can flip it over to the stickier rubber side for even more grip.

The mat is dense and stable, so you won't be tripping over it while trying to twist or transition between poses.

Pros & Cons: Pro-level stability, ultra-durable design.

If you’re looking for a thick and cushy yoga mat, the Manduka PRO is the one for you. This cushy mat provides a stable base that’s easy on your joints and doesn’t bunch up during use. It weighs around 7 lbs., making it one of the heaviest and most challenging-to-transport mats out there. But once it breaks in, it should last longer than most other yoga mats out there.

Pros & Cons: Absorbs moisture, so no need to worry about sweat rings

Smells rubbery, hard to clean

The Jade Harmony mat is among the stickiest on our list, making it ideal for hot yoga classes where you want to stay put but not so great for certain poses that call for smooth and easy movements.

The Harmony mat is stable in poses like Warrior III and comfortable enough to lie on. It can take a bit longer to dry than thicker mats like the Manduka Pro, but the textured surface will hold up well over time. While Jade mats are very durable and resistant to wear, they can be damaged by particular cleaning agents and oils.

Pros & Cons: The mat is great for beginners and intermediates alike.

Not as sturdy or grippy as some other mats

If you're getting into yoga, this Heath-yoga mat is the one for you. It offers a nice mix of slip resistance, cushion, and stability—and it comes with a strap, too. This is why we think it offers the best value for beginning and intermediate yogis.

When needed, Healthyoga suggests using a damp cloth and mild detergent to clean your mat. The mat didn’t attract too much pet hair and dirt during its time on my floor, and cleaning it was simple.

Pros & Cons: Lightweight, portable and versatile.

Not very stable, Slippery when wet

The Gaiam Premium has bumpy, textured surfaces that provide grip well when dry but provide very little traction when wet. The mat is too soft and squishy to provide a stable foundation for poses that require balance, and it picks up dirt and debris easily.

The best mats for hot yoga practice typically come with a few key features. They're usually moisture-wicking and slip-resistant, so that your hands and feet stay put throughout the session. Most of them can stand up to excessive sweat when you're working up a hard sweat in Bikram class. Be sure to consider all these key features before making your purchase.

 5 Best Yoga Mats For Hot Yoga

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